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14:42, 11 февраля 2017


It’s been a week since I wrote my first post. I’ve got zero feedback. Lol I’ve got zero comments and zero likes. However, it also says that 40 people opened my post but I don’t know whether they read it or not.

But I don’t care. I will keep posting. As famous human rights activist Martin Luther King said “I have a dream.” So, I also have a dream that one day posts and blogs in English in Kazakhstan will be ordinary and regular thing. And I will be the one who started it. If I get even one real reader, I would be happy.

Anyways, let’s keep posting. Today, I decided to continue the language topic that I started last week. The first time I come to the United States was summer 2009. I was one of that participants of Work&Travel program. I found out that one entertainment park like Disney Land was hiring people. I went there. I started to fill an electronic questionnaire that asked me my personal information. Like resume. So one section asked “Languages”. I started to write, English, Russian, Kazakh, and I also know some basic Arabic language. So, I tried to write it, but the system didn’t allow me. I was like, What is going on? You know, it’s resume and I want to show my skills to my future employer. I asked one company’s representative, why the system didn’t allow me to write the forth language. You’ve got to see his astonished face. Lol He was like, “What? Dude, that’s too much”


See you later,



P.S. You may comment my post in Russian or Kazakh. I don’t care.