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08:28, 03 марта 2017

Вот бы этот человек вернулся...

I am responsible

The citizen of Kazakhstan, Adam Lee is the brightest example of prodigy who became a surgeon at the age of 22. He is metis. It is miracle that he finished school at the age of 10 and then graduated from Nazarbayev University at the age of 15. After which, he entered to the John Hopkins University and became an aspiring medical doctor. At the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Adams’ incredible skills made him a very talented and promising student. His distinctive attributes gave him an opportunity to shorten his years of practice in the surgery department from 8 years to 5 years. Adam was cordial and candid and his characteristics were the reason he chose pediatric surgery as his main profession, even if he had groundbreaking skills in other branches of surgery. Even though he enjoyed a wonderful life in New York, sense of patriotism lead him back to Kazakhstan.

He arrived to Astana after 5 years. After couple of days, he was invited to the position of pediatric surgeon in the Cardiac Surgery Center in Astana. Since then passed 2 years. Thankful for Adams’ efforts branches for needy people were opened and discounts were provided for patients of Adam. Such measures were taken in order to help parents of patients as cost for surgery and postoperative care was very high. Adam loved his job and was ready to stand on his feet for more than 10 hours to do a surgery. He believed that hospital workers are the kindest ones. The incident that happened with Ada changed his perceptions a lot.

Ada was born with risk of heart failure. Therefore, she needed a new heart and she was put on a waiting list for heart transplantation. Her story is not as simple as may seem. She is 10 years old orphan girl. Ada wrote a letter to the director of Cardio Center with the request to save her life and said about her desire to live. The reason for coveted desire to live was in her little 5-year-old brother, Mikko whom she has to take care of. Last couple of years of Ada s ’life was full of sorrow because 2 years ago her parents died in the car crash where Ada barely survived. After awakening, she was send to the orphanage where consequently her body temperature dropped from normal. Then she was brought to the local hospital where they found that little girl was dying. There were no surgeons in the hospital that could help her and Ada knew that. Next day she write to Dulat Umirzakov, director of Cardio Center in Astana. She saw his interview on the magazine “Bright Future” describing breakthroughs in cardiac medicine. Then Ada asked a kind nurse named Aliya to send her letter to Dulat.

After reading Ada s’ touching letter, Dulat thought about his self-interest from helping poor child. In order to contribute to the reputation of his hospital as the one that takes care of health of orphan child Ada was brought to the Cardiac Surgery Center where she was under the supervision of Adam.   Adam knew that queue for new heart could take more than a year. Thus, the fact that she could not reach that unknown term toured Adams’ heart apart. Even so every day Adam tried to finish morning round faster in order to have a breakfast with little Ada and tried to get to know her well. After some time they got used to each other as sister to brother do. Ada shared her thoughts about value of family, friendship and sincerity in life. In addition to that, she told him about her first difficulties after car crash, then situation in orphanage. One day she told him:

“Thank you, Adam. I am glad that God send me such a good doctor as you. How lucky I might be. You remind me my parents,” she said and started crying. ”I miss them very much and want to see them.” By whimpering, she continued, “If I die, I will have a chance to meet them, there in heaven. However, I cannot die and leave Mikko alone. He will be scared. He is too little. Nobody will help him to learn alphabet and pack his school bag as our mother did to me. I am the only one he has. His sister cannot die. I am responsible for him. Mam and dad wished us … to…to be together…be strong and happy”, she whispered and reassured only when Adam embraced her.

Month later called from the Hospital in Almaty about finding suitable heart for Ada. Transportation of heart from Almaty to Astana should have taken about 2 hours. They were so happy. New heart, new opportunities. However, from the beginning that heart was for Mister Dzen Lin, even if he was not included into the waiting list. Dzen Lin was very influential person who was the main investor of the hospital. It turned out that two people: Ada and Lin wanted a new heart and mister Dulat played the role of God by deciding for whom it will be given. Dulat and Mister Dzen were good friends.

After a month Mister Dzen Lin left hospital with new heart meanwhile Adam was mourning because of Ada s’ death. After three months, Mister Dzen died in airplane crash.

Month after Adas’ death Adam quitted from his job. Then adopted Mikko. Year passed and they moved to Almaty where Adam found a job of researcher and he spent lots of his time with Mikko. He taught him to read and ride a bicycle. Later on the 1 September, he was watching how Mikko went to the first grade. He said looking at the skies:

“Ada, how are you there?”, -he said looking at the skies. ”Now Mikko is not alone. I am with him and responsible for him”,-he said crying.

Написала я вот эту историю в 2015 году в осеннем семестре. Эхх, первый год моей учебы) Сама не замечая этого, я сильно привязалась к человеку  связанному с развитием этой истории.

Мы все таки не узнали причину его ухода, но я и многие из нас все равно надеются, что когда-нибудь когда всё утрясется в Канаде он вернется :)