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05:15, 29 марта 2017

The chances are very good that you have a lot of PLR material sitting on your computer right now...

What if you learned how to start using it so that it could benefit your websites and projects, would that be a better way to develop your business instead of buying yet another PLR product why not start using what you already have…

So this is the pattern that you see so often, some guru comes along and hires someone on Odesk or some other website and they are from say some other nation where English is not the primary language, they work for not much money, but also they do not produce, as good a content as you might think.

For them its good content, but for the consumer, that’s you and me and our clients, its not really all that good, mostly because the Guru was too cheap to pay for good content writers in the first place.

So, now this Guru, comes up with a plan to hype up all this content that is not really all that good to begin with and you think yes, thats what I need finally good solid content that I can use and guess what happens when you download it, its the same thing you just purchased from someone else, only at a much lower price.

Why is that, and how could that happen, well in the first place, if the Guru had taken the time to actually look beyond the first 25 articles they would have noticed that the content was not that good after all, and they might have complained but most of the time they are too busy counting all the money they made from selling the junk and garbage to you to notice that what they purchased was just junk that had already been sold to other dumb gurus who had already sold it to clients and consumers.

It happens far too often and If your like most of us out here your sick and tired of getting ripped off by gurus.

The best thing you can do for your self and your websites and products is to create your own content and it is not really that hard to do.