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03:25, 14 марта 2017

The 7 best hotels in Kyzylorda

Here came the welcome 2017 year. This is the year of welcome and global projects for our country. There was held the world winter Universiade in Almaty recently, the next in turn is the "EXPO – 2017".

There is expected a large flow of tourists to these large-scaled projects from all continents. According to various datum, over two millions of visitors will visit the northern and the southern capital of Kazakhstan, and also the exhibition objects, which are located in the regions of the Republic. And this is a good influx of foreign capital in the budget of Kazakhstan.

The first field to assume this financial "hit" on is the service field, especially the field of hotel and restaurant businesses, because we need to show the highest level of service to this “army of foreign tourists” in order to our overseas guests would love to come back again. The goal to promote the tourist routes of Kazakhstan for tourists from all over the world is a priority for the organizers of these large international projects.

And if the Kyzylorda oblast is not dealt to Universiade-2017, it has a direct connection to the exhibition of "EXPO-2017". Let me remind you, our dear readers, that the memorial complex "Korkyt-ata" and "Baikonur" cosmodrome, which are located in the territory of Kyzylorda region are included in a list of objects of the international exhibition. This means that thousands of foreign guests will visit our area and city.

Citizens of Kyzylorda are preparing greatly to welcome guests of the international exhibition. The preparatory works of objects are held actively. The team of volunteers who are involved in the work at the exhibition, are taking the last courses of training. Restaurants and hotels are training their staff and translating their menu into English. They ought to try to show a proper level of service and not to be ashamed. There is an offer to discuss our restaurants in the next posts. Today I want to introduce the list of the best hotels in Kyzylorda to your attention.



We decided to start our top with the hotel which bears the name of our native city, the hotel "Kyzylorda". Among all the following hotels this complex is the eldest one.

It was built back in Soviet times, in the sixties of the last century. Hotel is located on one of the most Central streets of the city, which is very convenient for business travelers, as well as for business guests and plain tourists, because most of the organizations, offices of large companies and wide range of leisure facilities are concentrated in this city centre. At the close distance there are regional Museum and House of Culture, Central Square and "Zhibek Zholy" shopping center, the urban Park of Culture and beautiful bank of the river, modern restaurants and banks not far away from there.

The hotel offers 69 rooms of different categories ranging from single rooms to large five-bed rooms for large companies.
Room categories:
Deluxe single room which costs 13000 tg. For the same room but a double you will have to fork out for 19500 tg.
Junior Suite up to 5 people is worth 27500 tg.
For Suite you will be charged 17500 tg.

Each room has: air-conditioning, broadband Internet, satellite TV and a Minibar. Additionally, the hotel offers a Laundry service and a sauna.
While in the hotel itself there are located the clothing stores, optics, beauty salon, and a cozy Halal restaurant "Afiet", where you can enjoy dishes of European and Turkish cuisines in a pleasant atmosphere.
The department for making reservations is: 8(7242)26 21 11.

"Nomad Palace" hotel

"Nomad Palace" hotel has opened its doors in 2010. It is located on the most beautiful street of our city Zhibek Zholy. If one prefers to travel by air he should remind that this hotel is the closest to the airport by its location.

The hotel is equipped with a large and convenient protected parking, which is located, however, under the open sky. The hotel grounds are beautifully landscaped greens, and thick plantations of trees, which are of a big importance for Kyzylorda. In hot summer evenings they are still comfortable, cool, so one can enjoy a walk at the walking area. Within a five-minute drive from the hotel there are the Central mosque "Akmeshit-Syrdarya", the regional administration, a supermarket, a beautiful new promenade along Independence Avenue, the regional medical center and the Park of the first President.

The hotel itself offers to its guests and tourists 26 spacious and comfortable rooms. Among them there are:
2 Deluxe rooms at 36000 tg’s price.
1 room in business class for 26000 tg
1 superior Junior Suite for 22000 tg.
22 Junior suites for 20,000 tg.

Each room is equipped with modern air conditioning and heating, broadband Internet, satellite TV, mini-bar. The room rate includes breakfast, room-service, and also provides additional services. For business meetings, the complex has a nice lobby bar, restaurant for 80 seats with excellent European cuisine. For conferences and seminars there is a fully equipped conference room. But for very large celebrations and events there is a gorgeous banquet restaurant with a sitting capacity of five hundred people. In summer, the hotel restaurant offers an inviting summer terrace and serves delicious kebabs and cold beer. One can taste all of these, sitting in comfortable wicker rattan sofas, watching sports and music channels on big screens.

The reservation Department of the hotel is: 8 (7242) 23 00 24

E-mail: nomadpalace@bk.ru

"Shanyrak" hotel

If one will compare the "Shanyrak" with the listed hotels, he can say that in comparison with other ones it has opened recently. The hotel started it’s functioning from 2013. Since that time it has earned a good reputation, which is not surprising.

Because every detail in the hotel is selected tastefully. One gets a state of satisfaction after his visiting this hotel. This contributes to the interior throughout the hotel, in the rooms and in the restaurant, as well as to the high level of the staff’s hospitality.
The hotel is conveniently located at the crossroads of Bokeikhan and Abay Avenue. Near the hotel there are: business centre, banks, bus station, supermarkets, tax office, regional medical center and regional diagnostic center as well as entertainment and health complex "Arai".

The room fund of the hotel includes 30 rooms of three categories.
Standard single and double to 12 000 and 16 000 tg.
Junior Suite single and double at 14 000 and 18 000 tg.
And Deluxe rooms, single and double for 20 000- 25 000 tg.

This price includes accommodation and breakfast. Each room is equipped with broadband Internet, air conditioning, mini bar and solid furniture. For conferences the hotel has equipped conference room that can accommodate up to 40 people, a restaurant in a classic style with European and Oriental cuisine. The hotel staff provides additional services such as ordering and delivery of air tickets, transport around the city and to the airport, laundry and ironing.

The reservation department of the hotel is: 8 7242 23 88 67, 87242 23 72 54, E-mail:@sshanyrak@bk.

"Dostyk" hotel

Last year was marked by the boom of building hotels in Kyzylorda. Several hotels of good standard were opened in our city. One of them is the hotel "Dostyk".

The hotel is located at Baiseitova street 2, near the crossroads of Yessenova and Zheltoksan, in a good region of the city. Leaving the hotel and going across the street, visitors can go to the sports complex "Eurasia", which includes: a gym, a modern swimming pool and a bowling centre. You can also visit the Central stadium, where our favorite football club "Kaisar" regularly trains in the summer, and a tennis centre "Nur-Sat" with its indoor and outdoor tennis courts, as well as the Ice Palace, the center of Boxing "Tarlan", CHS. All these objects are at short distances from the hotel.

The hotel offers 27 rooms of different class:
Standard single and large double for 12000 and 16000 tg.
The mini-18000 Tg.
A Suite will cost you 25 000 tenge.
And the class number "V. I. P" - 45 000 tenge.

Room services, as in most cases, include breakfast. Each room is equipped with broadband Internet, air conditioning, a TV and a bath set. Additionally, one can use the services of a beauty salon, a hot sauna, laundry and ironing services. The hotel also has a café where one can taste dishes of European and Oriental cuisine.

The department for making reservations is: 87242 70 18 00.

Bella Vista hotel

Hotel Bella Vista is also one of those hotels which were opened in 2016. The location of the hotel is Naberezhnaya Street. And as it has become clear from its name, the complex is conveniently situated at the beautiful, just-built waterfront of Syrdarya river.

Guests, who are staying at this hotel, have an excellent opportunity to watch the beautiful sunsets over the river from the comfort of the room or to appreciate this beauty while walking along the promenade. The hotel is located near the city centre, so a five minute’s drive from the hotel there are many social, business, entertainment and other necessary objects.
The room Fund of the "Bella Vista" are 12 class rooms:
Standard single and double -18000 and 20000 tg.
Suite which will cost 25000 tg. 
And Suite, which price is 30,000 tg.
Room rates include breakfast and room service. The complex "Bella Vista" has an excellent restaurant, with room up to 60 people and cosy booths for small companies. The hallmark of the restaurant is steaks and kebabs, which are considered to be the most delicious in the city.

The reservation department of the hotel is: 8 (776)170 01 10 8 7242 70 01 10 E-mail: Bella_Vista_kzo@mail.ru

Rema hotel

Rema is another "fresh" hotel, which was opened last year. The hotel is located at lane Gaidar, near the memorial "Vechniy ogon". And if above-mentioned hotel "Nomad Palace" was the closest hotel from the airport in our list, "Rema" is the closest from the train station, which makes it attractive for guests, coming to our city by train.

In the five-minute’ drive distance there are located the Recreation Park, Central market and Central square, banks and various entertainment facilities of our city.

The room fund of the hotel consists of 20 rooms of the following categories:
Standard single and double - 14000 tg and 20000 tg.
Junior Suite - comfortable room for 28,000 tg.
And luxury apartments that will cost 45 000 tg.

Each room is equipped with broadband Internet, modern air conditioning, satellite TV. Also, the price includes breakfast, round the clock room-service and mini-bar. The hotel offers complimentary laundry services and ironing. The hotel has protected parking, fitness center, sauna, and restaurant with excellent European cuisine.

The reservation department of the hotel is: 8 7242 26 45 37, e-mail - remahotel@mail.ru

The "Mirage" hotel

The Mirage hotel is one of the oldest residents of the hotel and restaurant sector of Kyzylorda and it has an extensive experience in the service sector. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, near the crossroads of Ayteke bi and Userbaeva.

Such winning location gives a number of advantages to guests who check in the hotel "Mirage". Indeed, in a walking distance from the hotel there are business, administrative, cultural and entertainment facilities.

The room fund of the hotel consists of such rooms:
The standard is simple for 9000 tenge. and derated over 10,000 tg.
The Junior Suite costs 12000 tg.
Suite’s price is 17000 tenge, Delux will charge 25000 tg.

Breakfast is included in the price. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV and broadband Internet. Additionally, there are services of chemical cleaning, laundry and ironing. In front of the hotel there is protected parking, and in hotel itself there is one of the best restobars of our city - "Grill"-bar, where one can enjoy the best menu of steaks and grills, as well as the best wine list in the restaurants of Kyzylorda.
The reservation department of the hotel is: 8 7242 27 02 34.

The "Sultan Palace" hotel

I would like to mention separately recently building hotel "Sultan Palace" and it is already close to the completion of its construction. Luxurious, judging by the Kyzylorda standards, "the Sultan's Palace", that’s how its name is translated, is due to be opened in the nearest months. The builders are required to complete the building of an object before the beginning of the "EXPO-2017". It is the only hotel in the region which will have the status of a five star.

According to preliminary data, at the guests’ disposal there will be a bit more than 80 rooms of different class. And the hotel will be equipped according to the requirements for all hotels of such level. Its location is the corner of Zheltoksan and Tokmaganbetov streets. All the necessary and important social, business, cultural and other facilities are located within walking distance from the hotel. Information about the contact data is not yet available.
Of course, this is not the complete list of hotels of the city. It also has a separate guest house and cheap hostels, budget hotels at affordable prices. But our aim was to tell you about the most recommendable variants. So, everyone is cordially invited. Welcome!

The author: Rustam Maushev

PS the Command of "Society of Kyzylorda" expresses its gratitude to the Department of Business and Tourism of Kyzylorda region, personally including Azamat Dosjanov for their cooperation. And we also express our great appreciation to the managers of all resorts for their doing a favor and kind providing the materials for this post.