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12:29, 10 марта 2017

Song. Is it words and notes?

I like night time. Everybody is sleeping and I can use my computer a whole night, nobody will divert me. Silence around me helps me to pour out my thoughts and can stop the noise in my head.

Now is 12:04 am, I am sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea with lemon.

Now I don't need to listen stories of my relatives which I am not interest actually.

Today I felt sadness and I decided to sing. When I have bad days I go to write poems, sing or playing piano. It sounds like I am professional in it or I am singer, composer or something like this. I am not.

Let's talk about my favourite thing. Music. I feel that music is part of me and I have relationship with it. I connect with music since my childhood. I thank God for one expericence in my life when I played in real music band.

Especially I liked our Rehearsals. We took one song and learned it step by step. In that (или лучше this?) time I felt that I am travelling the song. It's like adventure. From the beginning to the end. Every tact. You are walking in long hall but you are not hurry. You make stops and looking around yourself. Sometimes it is museum, sometimes it is garden or nature, ocean. So then you don't think that the song is short even it has standard 3-5 minutes. It becames to Fascinating travels. ANd there deals is not in words and notes only. Every single tact has little life.


P.S. Я практикую английский, люди знающие его хорошо, владеющие грамматикой, прошу к делу исправлять мои ошибки. Спасибо.