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03:39, 01 февраля 2021

PvP sliders for the mycareer are dreadful.

I mean if you remember there was the match"Astral Chain" for the change that was getting 0 scores since it was a breeze exclusive. I'm not going to say this game is trash but out of NBA 2K Coins YTers I have seen there are some that have been vocal about things that should have been repaired (shot meter being made bigger for one) but that I could know what they were searching for. It may induce more people to go back and play'20 that aren't into this whole shot aiming thing but that's just speculation on my part.NBA2K21 - It is a game about Luck, not ability.

Launched in NBA2K20 was much easier than in 2K21 we all know that but I wish to talk about why 2K's game this season isn't fun and it goes further beyond the shooting mechanics of the game.

The routine NBA games are good for the most part but there are still a few abuse of mechanisms such as baseline drive animations that are seemingly unguardable with the average NBA player. The contest system is far better for everyone, especially guards though (even without intimidator) on the inside and it needs players to set screens and induce mismatches which is good because it's imitating a true well thought out basketball play. No issues here.

PvP sliders for the mycareer are dreadful. No I dont need to be stepping back using a 2 way slashing playmaker, but I want to get a chance of being rewarded for preparing a teammate with a 75 3pt. 75 from a 100 is 3/4s, meaning if a teammate is wide open with a 75 3pt shot at the perimeter, the shot should be able to green 7/10 times. Rewarding bad defense by leaving somebody wide open because they dont have a 90+ point shot has to be fixed, since this promotes paint sitting which also hinders slashers from enjoying properly too.

2K additionally incorporated a shot stick which honestly is different and pretty cool but there is no reason to use it when you can shoot more frequently with the shot button. If youre going to implement a mechanic, give it a reason for folks to use it. They ought to create the green window bigger or more constant for all those people with average 3pt shots so as to Buy MT 2K21 encourage practicing the mechanic and forcing the defense to really play real basketball defense.