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iPad mini VS Nexus 7

I've had iPhone and android and I always rooted and flash roms and kernels to have a good balance between battery life and overall smoothness. I had a iPhone 5 after the S4 but I missed the screen size of the S4 and then traded the 5 for the note 2 and I loved the screen size of the iPad mini .

But then after a while it was cucumber some to keep changing holding position of the phone to reach certain areas of the display. Then I realized that no other android phone out there could match the iPhone 5 in terms of lag free scrolling (biggest factor for me) and screen quality (color accuracy) and brightness in sunlight.

So recently i traded the nexus 4 (by the way very very good and smooth ass phone) and bought back an iPhone 5. Overall android is amazing and I love it and the choices you get from it but after trying out different OSes for a while ios was my choice because of lag free experience and screen quality. I still miss the screen size on android though just don't understand why you got an iPad and iPad mini... that seems like a complete waste...

I'm not a big fan if the mini because its the exact same hardware as the iPad 2 and somehow has a lot more WiFi connectivity issues. I LOVE my iPad 3rd gen but don't see a reason for the mini if you already have the reg iPad...

We're all very glad you have the ability to write this stuff off with your Horse Vet business and tell us all how cool you are with your 50 other phones because money isn't real when you own a business. If someone gives you their opinion, it doesn't mean they called your sister a whore.... it means, just like you, they wanted to throw their two cents in About the subject to have a conversation.

If you're going to treat everyone like teenagers for daring to have a differing opinion from your own, go back to Facebook where everyone an teenager. I applaud your struggle to live with Android over the past 4 years, but I think you're leaving the platform just as it's finally mature enough to compete properly with iOS. I might be wrong in my analysis, but I used Android 3 years ago and switched to an iPhone 4S because Android sucked so badly. Now I'm back on the latest Nexus running Jelly Bean and it is a joy to use, especially because I am tied into so many of Google's products and services.

I guess the comparison of the Nexus 7 to the iPad mini comes with the caveat that the Nexus is a lot cheaper, so some of its failings are forgiven. The same is true of a comparison of Nexus 4 to iPhone 5. In both cases the Apple hardware wins, but the cost of that hardware reflects the premium build. I'd argue that the software is now just a matter of taste and both OSes are fantastic.

I'm pleased for you that you could afford to buy three Apple products and that you're so happy with them. I have seen your other posts denigrating Android users, so I hope this mature response tempers your animosity for your old community somewhat. I also was an Android person until I tried apple, since I am now an owner of the Apple TV, Mac air, iPad, iPad mini, iPod, iPhone 5.

I know many here are apple haters, but the fact is that apple takes its time to make the functionality of its product work flawlessly. Yes, Android is ahead and many thinks apple introduces Android already does, but when apple brings these functions to its products it usually works 100 times better.