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Global finance fraud

At this moment a giant fraud takes place right under our very nose. There is a well-known in narrow circles oligarch of Korean nationality Gene Kyung Dek (criminal nicknames are Baron and Black) on the Sakhalin. This person has connections in all the state structures of the island, including the governor.

Recently, the Korean company SI resources (http://www.siresource.co.kr/main/main.php), led by Lee Ok Geum the daughter of Kyung, received, after they paid for the equipment, the share in the company "Uglegorskugol" and bought a port in Uglegorsk.

And that's not all, by means of the same SI resources were bought shares of business ANLES and SahalinDom. So the scammers laundered tens millions of dollars.

The fact is that for the construction of the port the SI resources received the investment from a subsidiary company Samsung in the amount of 30 million dollars but most of the money was spent on the building of the other facilities. In reality, the capabilities of the port are much lower than claimed on the official site. Thus, according to www.rosmorport.ru, there may enter the vessels, tonnage of which is not exceeding 3,000 tons.

But the SI resources presents itself as a competitor of Australia in coal mining, pointing to the reserves of 18 billion tons, and this attracts the investors.

Today the company is quoted in the $ 90 million on the stock exchange, although the real price of it is only 10% of this sum. So if Gene Kyung Dek sells his 51% ($ 45 million) of shares, the investors of the SI resources will suffer huge losses. Thus, undercover of the investment on the Sakhalin region Gene Kyung Dek will launder 75 millions of dollars. In this case, Russia will get only an unfinished port and the diminishing coal reserves on the Sakhalin.