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11:39, 07 августа 2012

Give to Ceasar

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I put here the ideas of the podcast on topic "Give to Ceaser

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Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him. Mark 12:17

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s? Understanding this statement is critical to you building wealth and keeping a prosperity mindset. There many times in life when you don't feel like paying your bills, or giving to Caesar what is Caesar's. This mindset comes from lack and you think there is not enough.When you have enough or think there is enough then you pay your bills on time you get out of debt and you keep moving forward.

Whether it's taxes, bills or any other kind of dad you need to start to allow your mind to give to Caesar what is Caesar and pay those things as soon as you can.It is also important the mental state that you carry with these things. If you are always being very negative when you pay things you are sending out the wrong message.Starting today it is time to give to Caesar what is Caesar's and allow more prosperity to manifest into your life.


Money need to circulate, holding it comes from lack. The first thing that you need to understand is that money needs to circulate. It is the basic prosperity law of circulation. It means that as you put money out it's going to come back to you. If you hold onto it you are blocking the vacuum of prosperity.

Money is meant to be used to, to help you grow into progress and create. Don't hold it, and think that this is going to generate more well for you. Remember the parable of the talents  (Matthew 25:14-30) it is a great example of non-prosperity thinking and how that will hold you back. They sure you listen to the coach cast get more information on this.


Emotions and feelings play a critical role in manifesting more. Understanding your emotions and feelings towards money is critical to manifesting more. If you feel when you're paying your taxes or your bills that there is not enough, that you can't get through and that you're not going to make more increases negative emotion that pushes money away. Continue to work on your emotion of prosperity of pure potential and not a black. If you feel that you think there's not enough, or you get the negative feeling and paying your bills, snap that rubber band and think positive about the situation and have gratitude for the things that you are paying.


I know it is very difficult to have gratitude to pay taxes, but you have to remember the services in the things that you are gay. It does not mean you can't complain or be proactive in trying to change the tax situation that you are in. It means you need to look at it differently and give to Caesar what is Caesar's.


Solidify belief and take action. This work takes a lot of belief in yourself and a lot of faith in the system. That means you need to solidify the beliefs. You do this by taking action on the things that you know you need to take action on.

If it is dealing with money that means, getting organized, keeping a spending journal if needed and focusing on prosperity consciousness. Remember, thoughts are things, beliefs make them so and action solidifies beliefs.


Keep the wealth mindset with gratitude. Always be working on your wealth mindset and have gratitude. I was speaking with a friend who's on the verge of some really great things. She told me that she didn't really feel successful, but when I looked at her life it was amazing the things that were going on in the things that were happening for her. Make sure that as your building wealth mindset do you always have gratitude. This work takes time, primarily psychological times but your past the least can hold you back. Have gratitude and believe that you are successful and believe that you can build wealth it's the first step of the process.


Don't compare yourself to others. One of the biggest mistakes made is to compare yourself to others from a wealth standpoint. This is not a race, it is not a game. It is about your experience and that experience is yours alone. Don't focus on other people and don't compare yourself to other people. Focus on yourself and focus on being the best that you can.