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01:04, 09 февраля 2021

Everyone has given you the very best advice

Even with RS gold prayer potions you'll probably gain from slayer, they are fairly cheap. In the drops alone you need to profit, and if you do not have that then purchasing Slayer Dart runes from the slayer master for 35 slayer points (you receive 36 for doing 2 jobs from Kuradel) gets you around ~70k which is adequate and can add up to some good cash if you spend your money on this instead of cancelling or blocking tasks.

Rnging it's going to get u killed cuz u can't weild an anti drag sheild (unless u use bronze bolts with a reg crossbow), which I truly do not advise. Maging it will be awful as I read tht it's remarkable magic def. . U also need the anti aging drag sheild, as without it, elvarg can hit 500 dmg.

Additionally, get an entire list of lobsters/swordfish. Swordfish is much better, but I killed elvarg at about 40-50 combat, using only 3-5 lobbies. This installment is just for the final boss fight against elvarg the dragon btw. Yet another thing, having 33 magic can save u 10k gp (such as telegrabing a map piece rather than buying it in the goblin). Also remember, u need 33 quest points to even start this exploration. If u want to, don't hesitate to contact me in game (Tarun Dragon) and I'd be more than happy to help u, and also fund , if ur not great on money. After I did it, rune scimmies at which 60k by itself, so that it cost me much more.

Everyone has given you the very best advice, except for two items. I think an amulet of electricity would be much better than power, as it boosts you accuracy and defence. A short sword will beat a scimitar against dragons, that are feeble to stab strikes. I wanted to buy OSRS gold mention that also, although I forgot that he'd need the excess atk at his lvl, and yeah, dragons would be rlly weak to stab (was trying to think about an f2p stab wep, but cudn't lol).