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This, is Those in politics thoroughly disgusted with his people ,and cannot be denied by Wang Anshi life are particularly interesting .Besides that ,even if he is the most ferocious enemy ,it is very difficult to find the http://www.adidasporschedesigns2s3.com attack on his private life flaw .
This external characteristic is life extreme long side . That said ,his long time not washing clothes ,the long time does not wash ,do not rinse ,do not take a shower .This makes his coat ,is full of soup grease sweat ,dirt, some dry attachment can imagine and the suspect ( 4 ) .
From the Song Dynasty customs history depicted eating habits ,as we know, Kaifeng crab Manshou and quail soup is popular among the literati snack ;when people compare daily non-staple food includes mutton ,pork ,chicken ,goose ,fish ,shrimp ,crabs ,snails ,vegetables and dairy products ,spices used include onions ,garlic has mm may be we eat today soil garlic ,ginger soy sauce ,sugar ,vinegar ,mustard ,pepper ,bean ,and so on ,consumption of alcohol ( 5) greatly .
There is a saying that, the so-called pepper ,refers to the today we say pepper ,it was alleged spicy may refer to the pepper spicy ;and we now Day to eat chili ,native to South America.
It is argued, the South American species only in the Ming Dynasty can be introduced into our country ,need checking .In ancient India and ancient Egyptian legend, a beautiful natural need not take a shower ,who often new often fragrant .
No information that Wang Anshi belongs to this day a born beauty class . So ,this kind of diet and the health habits combined ,the consequences can imagine .Fortunately, Wang Anshi already has a high official sound and text ,make this appear in the ordinary people who would be intolerable to be careless about one ,but he adds new historical records said :when the charm.
Human salty that its virtuous, that is to say, it is generally believed that Wang Anshi was a great master .Thus ,led to another record that :literati to cannot meet Wang Anshi for the greatest hate .
What we can find the question with two men. One is the father of Su Dongpo Xun ,the fast thirty years old to try reading old gentleman ,from the first surface of the first impression to be very influential on reputation ,Wang Anshi is not to regard it as right ,then ,to sniff at ,and cherish an undying .
Therefore, old gentleman wrote a special title is considered to be against Wang Anshi Article ,topic called rape .He thinks of differentiate ,wash clothes is contrary to it ;it ,dressed in rags ,eating dog food ,with dishevelled hair and a dirty face to speak with fervour and assurance of poetry or Adidas Porsche Design Bounce S2 music ,not the vulgar reputation ,which ,some hidden great evil evil and cunning.
Belong to the kind of hurt the country many big evil and the like (6 ) .Obviously, if only from that point on judgment ,Su Xun view is worth discussing .In fact ,this kind of person at all times and in all countries is not unique ,they like to indulge in his own spiritual world ,Fugue eight pole ;they don ,may also disdain to spend time ,put up .
Some students to write " superior ,reflecting the school ;teaching materials ,teaching methods, we treat the experience on the attitudes and other " ;,have dogmatism tendency when training .
Always a group at the Nanjing Military Institute survey working group some people to practice working in certain shortcomings and mistakes ,all linked with dogmatism ,formed a military dogmatism serious conclusion .
Some people even said that the " ;military academy is dogmatic camp " ;at this time also reported " ;practice director department is the main headquarters of dogma - AI " ;version differences, a variety of views, caused presided over the military working for Peng Dehuai attention to.
1957 in February of that year, Peng Dehuai lead a working Adidas Porsche Design group to Nanjing military academy investigation . After returning to Beijing ,Peng Dehuai to the center and the Central Military Commission wrote a calligraphy report.
Report affirmed the military school work achievement ,and specifically pointed out :" ;HH in the past several years teaching ,there exists a great disadvantage ,is in the teaching of dogmatism is quite serious .
Performance is the most important teaching content and our country the current situation of our army does not suit ." ;differences not heal ,but because this report exacerbation .Military academy Party committee enlarged meeting after discussion ,made close to oppose dogmatism decisions .
This decision of the achievements are primary ,the shortcomings and mistakes just write " ;dogmatism tendency ,but did not agree with Peng Dehuai " ;" ;" dogmatism quite serious ;formulation .
I was in Beijing at the time joined the Military Secretary Huang Kecheng tissue on the newspaper To Adidas Porsche Design Bounce S discussion. I made it clear that he did not agree with " ;dogmatism is practice and teaching the main tendency of " ;estimates ,the military academy called " ;" dogmatism stronghold ;the view is not satisfied.
I thought ,work have disadvantages ,errors can be criticized, but to correct ,but not exaggerated the situation ;military college teaching is what apply mechanically ,but not in the whole teaching content on " ;and the actual circumstances of our army does not adapt to the " ;Huang Kecheng didn my opinion ,think report evaluation is appropriate .
I insist that ,ought to be sure of success is the main ,basic. Huang Kecheng thinks ,reported no negative school grades. I thought ,teaching content and our country the actual situation of the army does not adapt ,logic is a universal negative ,this approximate total negation ,at least a light easily negate the illusion.
Huang Kecheng said ,then put it into " ;some do not adapt to the " ;.Such a way, I also have nothing more to say .Although not say, but not the same ,I felt at the time of divergence is not to learn from the Soviet Union and have taught the doctrine of subject ,but since the founding of PRC center and Military Commission The policy as well as the basis for the formulation of policy in practice guidelines how to look at problems .