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" ;meet, found him than the original fat ,Zhuang ." ;Li Yongbo and Tian Yu chat very happy ,then Li Yongbo said to him ,if Tian Yu scores at 80 bar ,is Tian win ;if in the 80 bar above ,is his win.
Finally, Tian Yu won in 82 rod Tian Yu has a badminton ,a diving mother ,he chose golf .Zhou Jihong said it was a very accidental opportunity ," ;in early 2006, a friend introduced Tian Yu to Shenzhen to attend a camp ,was later learned that coach Matthew was selected golf seedling, they thought Tian Yu coordination also Adidas Jeremy Scott JS Bones .
They asked him Is willing to practice golf ,he said l would R. later on, and they talk to us, we instead of." ;Zhou Jihong and Tian Bingyi " ;unwilling to " ;of course there is reason, Zhou Jihong said :" ;we are engaged in sports ,we all know to attain success, it is very rare .
He wanted to go to school, to be a common person. ." ;but at the moment ,Tian Yu is very strong ,then Zhou Jihong said: " ;he particularly likes ,we also respect his wishes ,let him play the .
" ;the second half of the year, Tian Yu moved to Shenzhen, formally started in golf school life. In fact ,Tian Bingyi had to send his son to learn badminton ," ;in the early days, he also practiced for over a month of badminton.
During the summer vacation ,take him to the Wuhan sports school looking for a coach to teach for a month ,then out of practice ,he was not much of an interest in ." ;his son is not around ,Tian Bingyi will be by telephone about the case of.
" ;they often have weekend games ,I will send a message to him how many strokes ,or telephone exchange ." ;as to whether or not the son set golf target ,Tian Bingyi and Zhou Jihong are not demanding , " ;play occupation of course the best, if not the words ,engaged in golf field.
Now get something else ,too late ,only for golf .." ;three years abroad alone ,let Zhou Jihong feel son grew up a lot ," ;these three years in the golf academy grew up a lot of ,let us feel gratified is .
" ;their athlete Zhou Jihong ,and did not give the son set myself a target ," ;later in the golf project on whether achievement ,to see how he development ,but this is not the most important .
However ,the mind of a child can develop normally ,it is the most important therefore ,we also very grateful to coaches for these children give ." ;hey ,disclose ,Tian Yu yesterday the results of 82 bar mm well ?But according to golf academy introduction, he has the best hit 76 pole ,I feel very bad ,after all, was only 16 years old .
Field guide me, yesterday hit 99 pole .He sighed and said :" ;now playing but he ,after more than a game ,through learning about technical action." ;because of competition ,Tian Yu did not spot guidance about field guide ,field guide that Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings son is focused on more than Match ,also not to disturb him.
; ; ; ;2 gas insufficient and bladder combined with bladder sphincter ,resulting in cell death caused by relaxation to metabolism ,urination situation is not good, urinary frequency ,for a long time the cells slowly necrosis ,and urinary incontinence .
3 see things pupil part called vision ,is the direct control by the kidney ,kidney problems ,not to be Renal water sent to the eyes ,eyes feel dry ,acid ,astringent ,slowly vision will be blurred ,serious will appear dark ,called floaters ,for a long time increasing pressure ,resulting in .
4 get up in the morning ,the heel can not comfortable because ,while at rest ,the blood is in liver ,kidney and temporarily ischemia ,up to pumps blood into the systemic ,because the kidney is not good, too weak ,blood joint bleeding nature will be stiff ,activity ,blood circulation to the joint will be relaxed.
5 people alive will be speech ,speech element gas consumption ,the kidney is not good too weak to itself the gas is consumed ,will not want to speak, because the job can speak, the voice will not come ,would be hoarse.
6 to deep breathing always feel that not enough air ,natural breathing will soon ,breathing in a short ,nasal will ischemia ,the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity because of ischemia, resistance will be reduced ,the dust in the air of will destroy it ,destroyed the will of course sensitive ,wet weather ,changes ,bear will attack ,known as the allergic rhinitis in 7 male friend of the prostate, ovary ,uterus are indirect women ,directly with the kidney ,thus ,kidney problems ,to a certain age ,prostate Will mast ;women because the kidney is not good, ovary ,uterus will be weak ,cold ,cold is no strength of each month should be discharged from the blood drain, exhaust clean are stranded in the womb, each menstrual blood is to be drained out ,cannot stay in the womb, for a long time may cause blood clots accumulation ,tumor formation, known as the uterine fibroids .
each of the 8 menstrual blood out ,inside back and forth impingement ,uterine endometrium could not stand the menstrual blood can not bear these menstrual blood on the inside of the push, to be deformed ,ectopic ,called endometriosis ;slowly endocrine suffers ,too much secretions ,vaginal discharge will be formed .
The 9 time is long ,the kidney is getting bad ,gas more and more weak ,and will be started cold ,especially in winter is particularly cold. Slowly for a long time ,sit not ,nor go station ,nor ,will certainly cause nerve injury, go to bed in the evening http://www.adidasjeremyscottc.com/ not good sleep Adidas Jeremy Scott Gorilla ,good easier to get to sleep ,a little voice will be woken up ,even when asleep ,dreaming sleep all night ,with no sleep ,every day is very tired .
; ; ; ; ; ; ;four ,the spleen and stomach problems arise when the ; ; ; ; ; ;,US The body will produce the phenomenon will have :1 shoulder pain may be a symptom of :the right shoulder pain often liver problems left shoulder ache heart and stomach .