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05:49, 03 сентября 2012

Adidas Jeremy Scott Gorilla ,leisurely calm

In addition chant ,or worship ,or preaching ,Famen slue, indescribable .But there are many method ,purpose is ,such as medical http://www.jeremyscottnew.com/ knowledge is more, more diseases .Recovery medicine waste ,there is no way Use . ( four) a brief revision of the law -- View from the purpose of heart ,which is free and misery ,and death distress relief ,must find one ,and see the cut to Kung Fu ,he should proceed with concept of heart . For instance logging must be cleared ,the moxibustion must point .So Mahayana mind concept of the said : you fools ,view from the heart ,the life and death is drifting in the sea . said : to view the heart, really free, not the viewer ,never caught on . the heart of the method ,first to all border down. Good evil ,past and future ,all don think .Straight down to look at their own mind at present ,but thought moving contacts, birth and death does not stop ,do not cling to it, also do not follow from it ,also do not deliberately eliminated it ,although careful static view ( view is to see ) . Thoughts from time to time, a look that disappear without a trace ,but the rotation will again ,still as is ,to the idea of not only ,still looking at ( this is the Hui ,Hisaku Ju ,to see them as ) no ,that card into the empty net environment . This variety is immediate ,real objective ( volume ) ,clear ,not a ( non-empty ) silence silence ,but no one ( not have ) ,namely this scene, it is the nature of true colours ( Note: This is not this paragraph of words ) . But is recognized through ,Bite it ,often with it corresponding ,so called see ( visible to find one ,is the course of things ,things ,no peculiar Office ) .See later ,all the confusion ,industry ,bitter ,there are a natural way to gradually disappear ,because the eye is open ,be as little ,industry ,are predestined relationship and the students ,this is empty ,with no living will lose its basis ,delusion . Often repair trip ,this is called the acme of wisdom ( wisdom there ) .The above view the centroid method ,informal time originally ,to posture ,vigilant ,not from the view of time ,then can achieve ,no easy cheap things to life and death ,besides Buddhism . Beginners, daily at least to watch dozens of times, Shu can gradually perfect. If the conscious mind fly, difficult to do, then don use meditation method. When sitting to the right and the left toe is a list of stocks ,sitting in lotus position ,if can better body double drop . We must correct ,not moving not shake hands up .Printing ,namely secondhand upward palm ,two fingers on the right and left ,with columns, remain below the umbilicus in above. The head light ,silent ,tongue is worth your breath ,leave the matter as it is ,to do a release Adidas Jeremy Scott Gorilla ,leisurely calm . C2 is a dynamic, fashion ,sports car ,and C2 VTS have done further reinforcement . Hope that C2 VTS can account for the entire C2 sales volume 40% ,as soon as possible to produce 2500 to 3000. Wei Tongshi expressed the " ;VTS" ;as a brand and product structure long term strategy: VTS will serve as the platform after the products in the proprietary sequence .This VTS simply Sports Edition is not suitable . Sports Edition preference structure is relatively simple ,relatively strong ,specialized to do some aspect of racing ." ;we VTS car is not such ,more fashion sense, the future of our other products will be VTS ,in the intermediate vehicle and economic type of car which will have a VTS ,but also has a dedicated sports version of the car ,the future will have the coupe . We have a whole planning " ;from foreign Citroen situation, VTS design is not A fixed style ,according to the car design ,the configuration is more abundant, more fashionable appearance . Cooperation with the Kappa ,outstanding young and exercise this C2 VTS release and international well-known clothing Kappa cooperation ,was wonderful .Wei Wenqing told reporters: joint marketing is long-term cooperation a part ,will span several months into several different stages. The first stage is in a lot of big city at the " ;Shine Me: Dongfeng Citroen C2mmKAPPA crossover Adidas Jeremy scott 2012 Marketing City show ," ;to roadshow form to show the United brand charm ;the second stage is in sina. com.cn and TOM network on two topics display device choice ,we design six sets of clothing are all Kappa designers designed by the majority of users ,to vote for Dongfeng Citroen C2 the owner of the clothing ;the third stage is the joint promotions, because now Hyun loaded also just finished production ,estimated in the joint promotion at the end of 11 ,when you can see Kappa complement each other ,full of young and passionate C2 VTS. you will soon see ,Dongfeng Citroen is never and Beverly equivalent economy brand Wei Wenqing emphasizes particularly :East Snow Citroen in the establishment of the joint venture company is in accordance with national planning are from low starting ,so everybody is a misconception that the Dongfeng Citroen Fukang equated with the economy . In fact Citroen brand Adidas Jeremy Scott in Europe is a high-grade brand ,you will soon see that after 08 years of east wind Citroen will have more high-end products ,striking ." ;now just developed a high-grade products triumph ,the year 08 to 2010 there will be at least six new products launched. " ;from triumph ,307 car three and C2 are made locally modified ,Wei Wenqing in response to east wind Citroen future models said: we all the cars won European model design. For example in appearance to the French style ,but as the triumph of this car ,Chinese is more like regular, but as this C2 small car ,Chinese are more like fashion .