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For men who want to spice up their love life, a trip to an adult toy store or website may be a good choice. But for the novice, the overwhelming selection makes it hard to know what goes where, who uses what, and how. Enter the sex toy handbook at ...... Check out this guide to the most popular gadgets for men and women alike, and how to keep your penis healthy in what is sure to be a wild ride of experimentation with all new toys.
Her toys
While that's not to say that men can't get pleasure from some of these toys - or don't enjoy the action with their partners - the following toys are designed with the female body in mind.
1. 1. Vibrators. Made famous by the TV show "Sex and the City," vibrators are probably the most common toy sought by women. They come in every color, shape and size imaginable - from a tiny one that slips over a finger to a very large and responsible one - and there's bound to be something that will pique the interest of her lady bits. A beginner may prefer an egg or bullet vibrator, which is simply a round shape without bells and whistles, while an adventurous lover may prefer a rabbit vibrator that possesses both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.
2. dildos. Dildos - in the simplest terms - are non-vibrating penis-shaped sex toys. They also come in many styles and colors - and unrealistic sizes - but they often look very similar to the real thing. Some stores even sell kits where a man can make his own mold to create a dildo in his image - talk about a personal gift for his wife or girlfriend!
Toys for him
Here's a list of some of the more popular purchases for men, though it's certainly not a comprehensive list of all penis gadgets!
1. penis ring. A penis ring is an elastic ring that fits snugly around the base of the penis. It is designed to minimize blood flow out of the penis and therefore allows for maximum engorgement of manhood. For most men, it also delays orgasm, allowing them to last longer. Some cock rings are even equipped with a penis or vibrator to enhance her stimulation.
2. Masturbators. Male masturbators come in a variety of designs, but basically they are soft, gel-filled condoms that fit over the penis. The man - or his partner - then masturbates with the sleeve, which produces a more intense sensation than using his hand alone - in some cases to simulate oral sex.
Toys for couples
Some toys are designed for couples to use together - at their own risk, of course!
1. sex swings. Perhaps one of the more dangerous toys, this definitely takes skill to master, but will certainly bring pleasure to any sex life. The sex swing hangs from a door frame and essentially suspends women in various positions to bring excitement and acrobatic sex into the repertoire.
2. anal toys. Anal beads, vibrators, probes, both men and women can enjoy - but when couples share toys, they should cover each toy with a condom at the time of use and thoroughly sterilize it before exchanging it with each other.
3. Bondage: Another sex craze made famous by the book 50 Shades, bondage toys encompass everything from fuzzy handcuffs, to whips and blindfolds, to ball gags and restraint systems. Before trying these toys, be sure to have a safe word - a signal to stop the action if someone feels uncomfortable - to avoid any negative emotional reactions.
Prepare for penis play
Before introducing a sex toy into the bedroom, both partners need to be on board and interested in taking it to the next level. It's also wise to stock up on some good lubricant, as prolonged condescension can lead to friction, irritation and even pain, bringing a fun night to a screeching halt. Prepare your penis by using a penis health cream (health experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil), which contains moisturizing shea butter and vitamin E. Not only will this keep your skin soft, but it will help repair it if things get a little too rough in the bedroom!

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