1/3/2020, 2:22 AM
Where does the replica Rolex movement come from
Let's talk about replica Rolex. replica Rolex clock case with dial and other parts are easy to process. Where does its movement come from? The changes assembled by high imitation clocks on the market today are domestic movement manufacturers, such as Seagull. Hangzhou. Shanghai. Dandong. Pearl. The most important one is the Tianjin Seagull Watch Group. replica Rolex Swiss ETA2892 movement structure seagull ST18, seagull ST21 is imitating ETA2824, Seagull ST3600 imitating ETA6497 these three movements, accounting for most of the production of the high analog clock movement. Like the parts manufacturers mentioned above, the Seagull Rolex fake will never provide the sportswear with the brand logo to the promoters of high-end watches. After replica Rolex bought the sport, it was necessary to find the manufacturer for the second modification and assembly by himself.
ETA had reduced export movements many years ago. Moreover, shipments will continue to decline only in large factories. Therefore, even if there is a Swiss movement, it can be considered a liar. Most of the other versions are honed and lied with seagull movements.
What route to buy first-class products mainly comes from Shanxi Road near Guangzhou Station. Of course, if you are not in Guangzhou, you will not fly to buy fake Rolexes. Even when you arrive in Guangzhou, you are not guaranteed to be fooled. As a result, the Guangzhou market is chaotic, no matter what kind of industry because fish and fish are mixed.
Summary: So when you buy replica Rolex, you must confirm replica Rolex, and measure whether it has any value from the aspects of texture, material, movement, etc. is a prerequisite. Create smart consumers; don't be fooled.


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