week 3: metaphor

prohorova_ulyana February 15, 2014

task with metaphors

Hello, everybody!

I don't know how you are, but I like the theme 
about stylistic devices and expressive means.
And it's useful for us, and for our speech, oral
and written accordingly. So then, at last
lesson we introduce with subtypes of metaphor.
There are a type of metaphor - personification
and a type of personification - metagoge.
And I think about little task for you.
Correlate with one another. (Keep in mind
classification of metaphor and personification;
structurally, semantically and etc.)


1. The world is a stage (1)     
2. Sea of grief (2)                     
3. Life is a dance (3)               
4. My phone hates me           
5. The candies look at me
A. Metaphor - personification
B. Metaphor - metagoge
C. Metaphor - personification
D. Metaphor - original, simple
E. Metaphor - original, simple

1) W. Shakespeare, monologue As you like it
2) yourdictionary.com
3) grammar.about.com

If you find mistakes, please, tell me. It's important for me!

Thank you for attention!

Оцените пост



1) So, as I already have written in my blog post about metaphor "All the world's a stage" nowadays (!) it became semantically trite, because we use it quite often... kinda stereotyped. It's my own opinion.
according to your task... nothing wrong with that?
D. Metaphor - original, simple
E. Metaphor - original, simple
two identical variants... okay, I dare to assume that

2) Sea of grief - I thought it's trite and simple.... the same as "flood of tears?"
3) D
4) B. (phone is an inanimate object, it hasn't any feelings. so it's metagoge, here operation of the device compared to human being)
5) A. (it's personification , candies are inanimate, they don't have "a look")

I'm a little bit confused...
I'm sure that the last three examples is correct: 4)B; 5)C; 3)D.
About first and second examples, I can find correct variants for them. And I thing there is one example for ''Metaphor-personification'' and it is 5 (except 4B).
Thanks for your task! I liked it.
It's unexpectedly to see the task for us in your blog)) We make tasks of Julia Olegovna before.
And I think that:
1)D or E;
2)From my point of view it's trite and simple metaphor because we often use this expression in everyday life;
3)I think it also trite- we often use it;
4)A (the phone hasn't feelings so as to hate somebody);
5)C (the candies haven't eyes).
But it's just my opinion, Ulyana)) Your task was interesting!
That's great! A nice task!!! I loved your idea, Ulyana.
But I am not sure the variants A-E all suit ...
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