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The Asus ultrabook UX32VD resembles nothing so much as the UX31A we tested a few months ago. As an external and internal perspective. So simple variation or real model? The latest in the series of...

The Asus ultrabook UX32VD resembles nothing so much as the UX31A we tested a few months ago. As an external and internal perspective. So simple variation or real model?

The latest in the series of Zenbook Asus is probably not very original, with a design that has been known for quite some time but it is very attractive. Outside no surprises, there is a frame of high quality aluminum. The colors chosen are sober (dark gray screen and raw aluminum for the base) and the finish is among the best we have encountered in the PC world. If one were to fault, it is on the side patchwork caused by the different finishes used. To look more closely, we find nevertheless that UX32VD is slightly heavier and a little thicker than its predecessors. If there is only one millimeter and sixty grams, it also shows that Asus does not hesitate to change its chassis needed.

The connection has been enriched since UX31A and is now well stocked for a 13 inch. There are three USB ports (all version three), HDMI and mini-VGA and a card reader. Small wonder, Asus delivers with his machine adapters mini-VGA to VGA, USB to Ethernet and even a protective cover. Attention that we appreciate as it became rare. The keyboard is large and comfortable and it is now backlit. In addition to a manual setting, a brightness sensor is provided for adjusting the lighting.

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The touchpad of UX31A left us with mixed feelings, imprecise and not always the manager "gestures". After a few days of using the UX32VD we can say that there are better. It is generally more responsive and gestures are better supported, but it is still a good notch below the best PC, without even mentioning the Macbooks ...

A screen almost perfect

The screen is a treat for the eyes. And because it adopts a resolution Full-HD! In addition, the brightness is high, excellent contrast and relatively accurate color. IPS requires, the viewing angles are wide and we can use his laptop at all times. Another miracle, the slab is matt and perfectly readable in direct sunlight.

Of course high resolution causes some readability issues, it will not hesitate to drive the expansion of fonts for comfort. Without competing with the Macbook on board the Retina slab notebook that easily takes the second place. We are especially impressed that the display is clearly better than the one used on the UX31A. One can only hope that Asus continues on this path.

Note that the speakers are surprises correct for this type of machine. The sound is clean enough not to want to insert rods into the eardrums and the whole is powerful enough sound to a small room.

Puzzling that the bowels

The configuration is a muscular Ultrabook with a processor Intel Core i7-3517U, 4 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card. Admittedly, the GeForce 620M used is far from being a great warrior, but it adds a little punch to all, especially for video editing or photo editing that operate Nvidia CUDA acceleration. However the game will be difficult, especially if you want to use the native resolution. Even have a dedicated chip you wonder why Asus did not choose something more powerful, such as a GT640M.

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It also regrets that the manufacturer has opted for a hybrid solution for storage, we believe an SSD is much more suited to a high-end machine. At worst hackers can without too much trouble to change the disc, the bowels of the machine is easily accessible (and bonus, the opening does not break the warranty!). Overall performance UX32VD put this at the top of the basket of Ultrabooks. Only real downside, the battery life is disappointing. With about three and a half hours video playback, it is far from the best in the industry. Metal frame forces the bottom of the notebook can become quite hot, but nothing unbearable.

Asus UX32VD: a good balance

The Asus ultrabook UX32VD does not appear to be quite useful when we received it. After all, Asus Ultrabook already proposed a Full HD ... However we must recognize that the manufacturer has really improved its copy, the particular screen is simply superb. Sold 1150 euros, this Ultrabook is certainly expensive but well worth it. Finally, the main competitor is probably another UX32VD Asus, UX31A we have already tested some time ago. Sold at the same price and also equipped with a Full HD screen, it is lighter but less powerful. For you to see what is your priority, but whatever your choice you can not go wrong!

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