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Restaurant Name: Line Brew Location: Kenesary 20Phone:  +7172 23 63 73Cuisine: SteakhouseDress: CasualPrice Range: HighWebsite: Excellent steaks, great beer. Food:Line brew is...

Restaurant Name: Line Brew

Location: Kenesary 20
Phone:  +7172 23 63 73
Cuisine: Steakhouse
Dress: Casual
Price Range: High

Excellent steaks, great beer.

Line brew is one of the restaurants that my friends visit as often as possible.  We also have a running debate over where to find the best steak in Astana and almost all agree that this is the place.  Personally I thought the steak at Fusion was better, but that's a minority view.

There are a number of steaks on the menu, but I prefer the Devil Steak because it is cooked on the open fire grill at the center of the restaurant.  It is a nice thick cut, still attached to a rib.  The devil is marinated lightly, just enough to give it a good flavor, a little too salty for my tastes, but I'm fairly sensitive to that.  The fire is natural charcoal so the smoky flavor is very good, no off flavors from artificial fuels.  It isn't on my list of the five best steaks I've ever eaten, but every time I visit Line Brew I have to think about that to be sure.  It's certainly in the top ten.  The Devil comes with a garnish, naturally, my preference is for the roasted potatoes.  They are charred from being in the fire, but the inside is super sweet and delicious.

There are a number of other entrees, but I can't say I've tried them.  Friends have ordered salmon, pepper steak, and shashlik there and all of them seem very satisfied.  If you eat pork, this is one of the few places in town that you can find pork shashlik.  A friend ordered it on our most recent visit and he said it was extremely good, but the portion was a bit small for the price.

This is also a good restaurant for a proper green salad.  I am always a fan of the Caesar.  It is definitely not the best Caesar in town, but any excuse to get a large plate of lettuce is welcome around here.  The Caprice salad is a better choice - a huge pile of fresh rucola with balsamic, sliced Parmesan, and cherry tomatoes.  Soups are a good option as well - I am a big fan of the mushroom soup served with sour cream on the side to thicken the broth.

After all that food it is hard to have room for dessert, but the kind wait staff will let you sit and drink some tea if you need to make room.  Desserts are extremely good interpretations of classics.  I prefer the creme brulee and the hazelnut cake.

This is also the home of the Line Brew beer served at restaurants around town, so have a half liter (or three) if you're the beer-drinking type.  There are two varieties on the menu, "Premium" is the Line Brew served at other restaurants in Astana.  There is also an unfiltered wheat that my friends seem to like.  I have never been a huge fan of wheat beers so I'll stick with the Premium thankyouverymuch.

Service is always pleasant and efficient at Line Brew.  A number of the wait staff speak English and those that don't are very patient with our broken Russian.  The menu is tri-lingual and includes some fun mis-interpretations so it's worth a read.  We've never had any trouble with incorrect billing and the food usually arrives quickly and at the same time for the whole table.

I find everything about the atmosphere of this place to be odd, but comfortable.  The building is a small model castle and the inside is also decorated in a European medieval theme.  The entry way has a faux drawbridge, a suit of armor, and a wrought iron spiral staircase.  Fake stained glass windows provide the light that doesn't come from a fire, and there are two levels of heavy dark wood tables.  Strange.

There is live music nightly in the form of a quartet with a saxophone soloist who is known to roam around the dining room.  Personally I get irritated by live music that is too loud when I'm trying to eat dinner, but they manage to keep it at a good volume.  On my most recent visit, we were seated immediately adjacent to the band, so only the back of the booth separated us from music.  Even there it was not too loud.  I wouldn't have minded a volume knob to turn it down, but it wasn't awful.

Somehow, all of these odd bits work out, it is a really comfortable place to eat.  It is a perfect venue for a date, group celebration, or casual dinner.


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I've never been there, but I heard about this place... Very good report. Thank you for work you've done... now I am even more interested in this place
i love your reviews, why have you stopped writing? i hope you didn't leave Kazakhstan :D
Буквально 2-3 дня назад, а именно в праздничные дни начала мая 2014 года, думали посидеть и отпраздновать в кругу семью за ужином в Line Brew те самые праздники, но благодаря ОТВРАТИТЕЛЬНОМУ СЕРВИСУ КОЛЛЕКТИВА LINE BREW, остались только негативные эмоции!
Во-первых, позвонили заранее зарезервировать столик, администратор обещала позвонить в течении 10-15 минут. Не дождались обещанного звонка и приехали сами. На вопрос администратору почему не позвонили как обещали в ответ "глупая" физиономия и полное игнорирование клиента, с оттенком усмешки, типа "делать мне больше нечего ......" . Короче мест кроме так называемых VIPов не оказалось,при этом интерьер обещает желать лучшего; тёмные комнаты, несуразная мебель пропитанная и потертая вдоволь, и конечно окна в башне которые должны служить судя по всему видом с высоты, но не радуйтесь раньше времени, окна забиты полиэтиленовыми пакетами как делают охранники в сторожках.
Сели с горем пополам на самом высоком этаже башни в "VIPе", официантка приняла заказ и ушла. В предвкушении шашлыка стали ждать.........10 минут (принесли напитки но забыли пиво, пришлось ждать пиво).....15 минут..........принесли пиво.......35 минут (НАС ЗАБЫЛИ, никто не поднимается на башню, кнопка вызова не работает)....попросили принести другую кнопку, в конце концов пришлось спуститься и взять её самим)..........звоним во вторую кнопку, НЕТ реакции, напитки и пиво закончилось давно, никто не спрашивает повторить или нет? Удобно ли нам? АБСОЛЮТНОЕ БЕЗРАЗЛИЧИЕ К СВОИМ ККЛИЕТАМ!!! .........пришлось спуститься и попросить нас обслуживать в конце концов!.........на вопрос почему не реагируйте на кнопку и работает ли она вообще, последовал ответ: "не знаю, проверить нужно" (не могу поверить своим ушам, в чём проблема? почему такое халатное отношение к клиентам? Разве твоя работа не состоит в обслуживании нас и проверят всё ли у вас работает? Если есть кнопка вызова, должна быть и соответствующая реакция на вызов я так полагаю?!)..........55 минута!!!.....принесли ДОЛГОЖДАННЫЙ шашлык, долили напитки и принесли отвратительно горький мохито. Подозрение на содержание не самого свежего лайма внутри и попытка сэкономить на напитке за счёт избыточного присутствия льда, точнее значительное доминирование льда в напитке....... под конец вечера не было уже никакого следа от хорошего настроения и всё благодаря ОМЕРЗИТЕЛЬНОМУ отношению к клиентам. В конце вечера не стесняясь включают 15% процентов "сервиса-если так можно назвать" в сумму счёта.
Администрации заведения, а именно АДМИНИСТРАЦИИ всей сети ресторанов Line Brew, а не обслуживающему персоналу и их начальникам (потому что от них и начинается БЕСРПЕДЕЛ и такое ПЛЕВАТЕЛЬСКОЕ ОТНОШЕНИЕ К КЛИЕНТАМ.
PS. При выходе с заведения девушка-иностранка, на английском языке пыталась достучаться до стоящих у барной стойке кучке официанток (яркий пример ХАЛАТНОГО отношения - стоят кучкой и болтают, хохочут о чём-то, напрашивается вопрос:" РЕБЯТА, А КТО КЛИЕНТОВ ОБСЛУЖИВАТЬ БУДЕТ?"). Короче из разговора иностранка жаловалась на то что десерт который она заказала 30 минут назад официант так и не появился, хотела узнать обслуживает ли их вообще кто-то сегодня?......делайте выводы сами....но думаю в заведении хотя бы с "терпимым сервисом" таких конфликтов у людей бы не возникало...ПОЗОР LINE BREW!!!
My family and I, we like trying new cuisines & flavours. We decided to go to LINE BREW as we wanted to eat kebabs and try some good food and we read for this place online and heard from friends despite the fact that it is very overpriced place in whole city.

It's very easy to find it, and very hard to park your car.

We reached the place at about 20:00 and as we tried making a reservation in advance and manager assured us that she will call us or put us to the waitlist, but at the end nobody neither called us nor they explained what were the reason for not putting us a waitline when we arrived there. When you get in, there's a lady (the boss I think) who helps you find a table. She was not friendly at all and she had an unpleasant looking on everyone all the time.

The place has dimmed colours minimal design and it looks too much used and dirty.

The order for 5 persons was: a plate of mixed kebabs, fries for a side fresh juice, beer, alcohol free mohito. The quality of the food was ok and the taste was alright but nothing unusual, special or exciting. The quantity on each dish was just moderate. But mohito was so spicy and disgusting, I can not explain. Seemed like they used dried lime and tried soften the spiciness by too much ice in it.

The service was absolutely disappointing. Despite the fact that we have been sat to the "VIP room" which even cost us extra fee, the waiter had extremely bad mood…so bad that they wereignoring us the whole evening. They annoyed us by ignoring the ring button and forgetting us everytime we ordered something for at least 20-30 minutes. So to refill the beer and get our kebabs it took them 55 minutes. In addition they could hardly notice us when we wanted something (water, more beer, the bill etc.). Awful awful service!!!

We spend around 150USD (although we ate and drunk almost nothing!!!) the price is not comparable to the food and service - too much money and disgusting service! After all these ignorance to the client, they charge you automatically 15% tips out of your order, which is totally unacceptable.They have no rights to do that and they have no motivation to satisfy their clients with a good service. In conclusion, the whole experience was not good, I would never go again to this place for any reason and I don't recommend this restaurant, not even to my worst enemy.

In a few should better try some fast food out on the street rather than going in there. That bad!!
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