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The interview with Sadybek Tugel, the author, initiator of idea of  “The Big Race Cup of Astana”, an international prestigious tournament on billiard sport, and the chairman of its organizing...

The interview with Sadybek Tugel, the author, initiator of idea of  “The Big Race Cup of Astana”, an international prestigious tournament on billiard sport, and the chairman of its organizing committee, public figure and famous writer was held by Madina Nematzhankyzy, editorial director of  “Eagles of the Great Steppe” (“Uly Dala Kyrandary”)  republican magazine.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: Mr. Sadybek, I suppose it is better to ask the first question on the tournament regulation, which is in my hands now. The fact, that this important document was approved by Elsiyar Kanagatov, the chairman of the Sport committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, determines many things. Please, tell me about it.

Sadybek Tugel: You have noticed it right. “The Big Race Cup of Astana” has been assigned the republican status for the first time ever. Before holding this tournament we, the members of organizing committee have gotten the sanction of  Ansar K. Karaneev, the president of the Billiard Federation of the  Republic of  Kazakhstan and Aset Isekeshev, akim of Astana city. After that we submitted an offer to the Ministry. On this occasion I’m expressing my thanks and gratitude to Arystanbek Muhamediuly, the Minister of  Culture and Sport, to Elsiyar Kanagatov, the chairman of Sport committee, to Berik Marjykpai, the head of Astana Sport Agency for their support and accepting our offer.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: I also like billiard sport. That’s why, Mr. Sadybek, I congratulate you with the big authority!

Sadybek Tugel: Thank you, dear! I think that it is our victory in general. “The eagles of Astana” (“Astana kyrandary”) team and our friends-cueists from Oskemen, Shymkent, Almaty, Kokshetau and Pavlodar towns. Yes, republican status shall not be given for without a reason. For this purpose it is necessary to work very hard.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: Mr.Sadybek, I have read in the regulation that the especiality of the current year tournament is the addition of Russian and Kyrgyz masters. Therefore, your competition has raised to more high level. Please, tell me how have you achieved such a high level? Could you please start from the history of the tournament?

Sadybek Tugel: Thank you for this question. Seriously, this success has not come to us easily.  As I mentioned above, we needed to work hard. Everything has its own origin and history.  So, “The Big Race Cup of Astana” has its own way, rich history with ups and downs. I’ll tell you about this... Shifting our capital from Almaty to Astana was a really great event in the history of our nation. Astana is the city of success and unity. Astana – is our saint centre, which unites and combines all people of Alash. I am thankful to God for the given opportunity and luck to be the first press secretary of Astana city. My passion to billiard sport has been started approximately on January or February in 1998. That time everything was new and filled with some romantic feelings. We were young guys. Our families lived in Almaty. Me and my friend Akbar Ryskulov were playing a billiard every evening. We used to play in “Strike”, billiard and bouling in club of Akmola city. Now its name is “Zodiak”.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: Oh, Mr. Sadybek, excuse me for interruptin you, but who is Akbar?

Sadybek Tugel: It’s a good question. Akbar is a legend man. He is a real brave man of present days. That time Akbar Ryskulov was the plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Kazakhstan. And Kyrgyz nation was the first who transferred their embassy from Almaty to Astana. This has been done perfectly. It will be more than true if I say that it has been cultural and spiritual centre of Astana.  There were held lots of cultural events, such as poetry and music evenings, and many others. And Akbar, initiator of billiard sport, was there among us. I figured that Akbar is my teacher on billiard. He is our “sunsai”. That’s why I respect him very much. Now Akbar Ryskulov is the chairman of the Union of Writers of Republic of Kyrgyzstan, poet, owner of national award of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Summing up, he is the best of the best, and deserves to be a referent to the whole country.

Madina, here I should quote the words of our great writer Abai Kunanbayev, “The God is true and his words are true!”.  Every evening we were playing billiard in the “Strike” club. On the weekends we were there till the morning. There also were times when we came home at 5-6 o’clock in the morning.  Many interesting things had happened. I wrote the story called «Kydyrbai street» that time. We used to play billiard not just for fan and game itself, but more for taking part in tournament actually. Because if it were just a game, it meant we were wasting our time, and when it was like a tournament it meant a competition. Of course, the importance of the tournament is more than just a game, it’s so exciting when you compete with somebody. So I have been holding tournaments with my friends over the last 18 years.  It has a big impact. So I think that everything, which is happening now isn’t just a coincidence, because there was a day when I said, “Mr. Akbar, the time will come and you and me will hold “The Big Race Cup of Astana” and thank goodness here it is. Akbar replied: “Amen, Sake! It would be great!” And here it is, Madina, you see, we got it.  We are extremely happy! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? So what are the impact and result of this? The very first thing is close friendship, then the results of  a welfare, solidarity and generousness of citizens.  In the beginning of 1998 Serik Akpanov joined our team. He worked in the construction industry of new Astana. We became friends, and since that time have never been separated.  Fortunately, we have never had conflicts in friendship. Then Ayagan Sandybai, Ulykbek Estaulet, Zhumatai Abildinov, Ondasyn Meiyrbaev jointed us in 1999-2000.

In the spring of 2001 after the 5 years of work in embassy, Akbar Ryskulov has became an Assistant  to Askar Akaev, the President of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.  In honor of this happy event we arranged “Pyramid” billiard tournament along the Abylaihan street. There during proposing my toast I said, “Mr.Akbar, you are the great person, who made an invaluable contribution to the billiard sport. That’s why we decided to open the billiard club, which we shall name after “Akbar”. The first one, who supported this idea was Mr. Ayagan Sandybai. Right there we appointed Aktanov Serik to the position of the president of  “Akbar”, the international billiard club. When proposing his toast Akbar Ryskulov said following catchy phrases: «Guys, I really appreciate your respect. I wish you only one thing: I wish that the members of the club will be not just members, be really “strong and worthy members”.  It means, that the members of our club should be real men, brave and courageous, like less talk, more real acts – it’s a description of real man.  We are thanking God for the years and months have gone.  And we are still using Akbar’s catchy phrase like a slogan.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: Could you tell more information about Aktanov?

Sadybek Tugel: “Our wise ancestry said us to tell much about kindness and to spread it everywhere”. Serik shows us a good example of  being responsible worker. We are very glad for it.  Also he is a main sponsor of many billiard competitions, which are held within the club “Akbar”. What are these competitions? About this Serik Kasymbekuly wrote in details in his “The Big Race Cup of Altai” booklet, which was prepared for Oskemen tournament.  It can be read in “Eagles of the Great Steppe” (“Uly Dala Kyrandary”)  magazine.  That’s why I can not to repeat it.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: Mr. Sadybek, as I understand, the thing started from two guys’ every evening billiard playing became a great tournament with the republican status, yes?

Sadybek Tugel: Exactly.  Nowadays we grew from interesting game to the high leveled sport.  We have real masters in our teams. They are virtuosos. They are over 50 years old professional and famous sportsmen.  Thank of the tournaments, which held stably every week we got such a success and opportunity. Since 2015  year we have been held “The Big Race Cup” competition on billiard sport for the 50 years old sportsmen. The tournaments were held two times in Astana and Oskemen cities, one time in Shymkent, Almaty.  And  on the 1-2 of December we are planning to hold the third “The Big Race Cup of Astana”, international billiard tournament, which is dedicated to the First President’s day in Astana and to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Including Russia and Kyrgyzstan there will be competition between 7 teams.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: What are the names of the teams?

Sadybek Tugel: Yes, you are right, each team has its name. The team of Astana is called “The eagles of Astana, the team of Oskemen: “Untoward (Asau) Ertys”,  Shymkent - “The eagles of Shymkent”,  Almaty - “Zharasym”.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: I noticed that there were six “Eagles of the Great Steppe” tournaments. Who are the champions?

Sadybek Tugel: You are asking a good question. There are by two victories in the team scores of Astana and Shymkent. And cueists from Oskemen having been a champion 5 times in the separate championship, could deserve The Big Race Cup.  They are: Toktamys Zhumagulov (two times), Serik Aktanov (one time), Beisen Baigaliev, Sailaubek Musinov. The team from Almaty has one victory on their personal score. Its author – Nurtileu Imangaliuly, master on billiard! For the present, teams from Astana and Shymkent haven’t been winners on the personal championship yet.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: During the interview I have noticed that many words were said about eagles. So, tell me please, what’s the connection between billiard and eagles?

Sadybek Tugel: It has direct connection. The basis of “The Big Race Cup” competition on billiard is the “Eagles of the Great Steppe”, public cultural and social association, which celebrated on the 12 of October their 5th anniversary.   It’s public organization.  It has such good purposes like respecting of national traditions, developing of culture and sport of the Great Steppe, being faithful in the performance of duty and serving our country.  The association of Eagles having achieved big results in developing billiard game, which now is included to a page of culture, so also it’s a real organizer and promoter of “The Big Race Cup” systemly held competition.  The bright proof and evidence of this is “The Big Race Cup of Astana”, an international prestigious tournament, dedicated to THE FIRST PRESIDENT’S DAY.  The main sponsors and organizers of this tournament: «THE EAGLES OF ASTANA»  team of cueists. Two and half months ago we put a special working team together with the head Kairat Mirashev.  They are working well.  Also Rakhymberdy Korganbaev, Mihail Eremin, Li Victor and Marat Akashev help to prepare and organize the tournament.  I really appreciate their help and thank all of them.   We’ll do it with thank of God.

Under the professional managing of Serik Aktanov  “The Big Race Cup of Altai” competition was held by Oskemen in high level two times.  On 15-16th of December in 2015 year Nurlan Aitymbetov arranged wonderful tournament in Shymkent. In connection with this I want to express my gratitude to Batyrbaev Daulet, the akim of Ulan region of West Kazakhstan. In that time our collegues from Ulan region showed themselves from the best sides. They set yourts along the onshore of the famous “Shalkar” lake and met the cueists, who came to the “The Big Race Cup of Altai” with especial  hospitability.   Naiman Kalabaev, an academician, professor said:  “When I saw such a great respect and hospitability, I was so glad, that I can't even describe my feelings. I have never seen before that the cueists can be accepted with such an honor. It was absolutely wonderful, Ulan city!”.  There is nothing to add. It’s all true, and we should tell the truth. To say in one word, among the west Kazakhstan cities Ulan citizens was the best. They showed to cueists their high respect.  It’s one side. Secondly, we have especial type of organizing tournaments. This means, that we have not only sport, also together with sport we have mutual respect, friendness, having fun, cultural events, hospitability skills and many others. So, our vitality is in these things.

Madina Nematzhankyzy: What will be the future of this tournament?

Sadybek Tugel: And again you are asking good question. Well, I think that our unity and force help us to achieve such a success.  But all the same we needed to connect with the Ministry of Sport. We hope that in future these tournaments will be held with help of government financing. Generally, the future of the Eagles is big.  Because eagles fly high!

Madina Nematzhankyzy: Mr.Sadybek, would you like to wish something in the end of our interview?

Sadybek Tugel: The billiard force is the game, art. It unites and makes us friends. Together with it, it’s also pledge of big health. Good luck to the participants of “The Big Race Cup of Astana”, an international prestigious tournament!

Fore coming soon the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan! I congratulate all of you with the coming the First President’s day  and the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan!  I wish happiness to all families of our country! Kazakhstan, thrive!


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