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Как некоторые знают у меня сейчас встепительные экзамены универ(дада опять универ)) и вот по английскому у меня тема была сочинения США не долго думая я решил написать вот етот текст, конечно не...

Как некоторые знают у меня сейчас встепительные экзамены универ(дада опять универ)) и вот по английскому у меня тема была сочинения США не долго думая я решил написать вот етот текст, конечно не судите строно но я все равно жду ваших рецензий. Кстати не обрашайте внимание на грм ошибки(если таковые есть а они есть) просто я еше даже не редактировал написла от балды что называется.


United States of America.

USA – one of the most economically developed country. USA consists of 50 states and District of Columbia. The capital of USA is Washington DC. 48 states are situated on the south part of North American continent. Alaska is situated on North West part of North American continent and Hawaii are islands in the Pacific Ocean. 75% of USA are Americans (colonists), 12 % are Afro-Americans and 0.4 % are aboriginals – Indians. USA is one of the biggest countries in the world. It takes the 3rd place on a population. But these are the facts that everyone knows, what I want to tell you is how I lived in USA. You probably want to ask me how I got to live there, I will tell no doubt. I was the participant in exchange program that is called “FLEX”. The main idea of that “FLEX” thing is to take a student from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine or any other country and move him/her in USA for a school year. So I passed all the exams and tests and I won!

I lived in a small town called Ordway in Colorado State. I bet you never heard of it. It is 70 miles from Colorado Springs and 100 miles from Denver. My town was very small, it had only 2000 people and my high school had only 250 students. I lived on a farm which was 25 miles from town. I bet you heard saying that all Americans are stupid, you shouldn’t believe in that, not all of them but some part are. People who don’t live in big cities are very good people. Americans call them Rednecks and we call them Cowboys. Even if they don’t know anything about your country or anything but themselves they are very good listeners, they will happily listen all the stories about you traditions and how it is in your county, and they are very hospitable. My family had a farm, they were raising cows. If you are farmer in Russia or any country of former USSR you wouldn’t be rich, you would hardly have money to buy anything, but there you would live pretty good, have enough money to live and probably have a new car, might not brand new one but less than 5 years old. In USA it is normal to drive from one city to another just for buying a drink or for a lunch and that was what we usually did. Every evening just drive 40 miles to the nearest big city just for a dinner in McDonalds or Sonic. We loved to go watch movies in cinema, because we didn’t have one in our town.

People over there are separated in 3 parts them are: white, black and Mexicans. Most of the time they don’t like each other, black and Mexicans fight all the time, but white are really quiet, most of the time they live good enough to stay out of trouble.

Also it is beautiful to live there but only when you have money, a lot of money, also when you have “head on your shoulders” you will find a very easy way to make money out of nothing. Also Americans are patriots and any of them knows his rights and everyone obeys the laws. But bad thing that I saw over there is that they don’t have friendship like we do over here. There, when you see a person for the first time and someone introduced you to him or him to you it means that you are “friends”, but this type of friendship doesn’t last very long and over there it is normal to betray and leave a person alone when he needs you to be near, just turn your back to him. And while I was there I never heard about friends who were together for a long time, it is very hard to find someone like that. So if you think that USA is a great country you should think twice.



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Ты что из последнего поколения болашаковцев?
Мой брат тоже такое сочинение писал (точнее эссе),о том почему он выбрал специальность Программиста.
О твоём сочинении,так можно было такое же по предложению из инета повырезать.
В конце есть что-то своё,нормальное в принципе (если ты его не редактировал и писал на скорую руку).
мм неа я к болошаку вообше никакого отношения не имею, та вешь по кторой я ездил была от американского правительства, просто куча тестов и жкзаменов и ты выигрываеш грант на поездку и учебу там в течении года. а писал и правда на скорую руку завтра по дороге на экзамен нудно бует доделывать
ясно,ну у меня то по инглишу 4 (натянутая),проверяльщик тут тебе нашёлся =)
хех у мя так по русскому) нахрен забыл пока по странам мотался
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