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15 best outdoor spots in Almaty

As summer is in full swing in Kazakhstan, it’s that time for people to trade their jeans in for shorts, long sleeve shirts for t-shirts, and show some skin to get that nice tan. While the sun may be down at night, it’s the perfect opportunity to go to some great bars and restaurants to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Through Time Out Magazine Kazakhstan, we found the 15 best outdoor restaurants and bars in Almaty (For English readers, the site is in Russian but below is the translated version) :


♦ Vertalet
Summer terrace is a separate name – Johnie Walker. In the design of the lounge bar organically interwoven styles of modern and oriental – strict lines of wicker furniture clear zone the space, and a kind of tent-roof makes the room comfortable and cozy. It is very nice to stay a small company will not take the time-dimension and lead the conversation. Another important plus restaurant Vertalet – non-stop operation.
+ 7 (727) 291 99 38, Almaty, Dostyk 42

Be sure to try: signature dish from the chef – fish market (18,000 tenge). A small company of 5-6 people will appreciate sauteed in butter, fresh seafood under the fragrant sauce aioli that literally melt in your mouth.

KRK Assorti not only boasts a spacious summer terrace – in the courtyard restaurant are three large pavilions, but the glassed-in terrace-greenhouse. Dine surrounded by a solid green (and here its more than 500 different species) – nothing worse than outdoors! A live music in this unique botanical garden will immerse you in a special atmosphere. By the way, the music program here promise to update every week.
+ 7 (727) 291 62 00, Almaty, Dostyk, 106

Be sure to try: the summer is updated and expanded fresh menu. We recommend tasting drink “Tricky Fruit” (1490 tenge) – a mix of freshly squeezed orange juice, mango and strawberry. The bartenders are sure that this cocktail is not only leaves a pleasant aftertaste, but slight temporary intoxication. Another natural cocktail “Fruit Madness” (1490 tenge) of grapefruit juice, carrots and spinach recommend to use after a very hearty lunch or dinner.

♦ Pro Pivo
This summer beer bar opened at the beginning of May. If you found a hot afternoon in the heart of the city – you can not just hide from the summer heat, but tasty lunch. In the evening, you should look here, along with a large company. They promise a constant noisy parties, “live” music team and creative themed parties.

Be sure to try: Fresh carrot juice (500 tenge). And from 12.00 to 15.00 is a special offer, “You’ll be third?” – For the company of three people one dinner (3 course + drink – 1399 tenge) will be at the expense of Pro Pivo. And in the evening is a great company to gather for a feast with a foamy drink (400 tenge per 0.5 liters) and order one of the sets. For example, a set number 1 – lamb “seeds”, chips, horse sausages, homemade croutons (3,710 tenge) – delicious and democratically.

♦ Gloria Jean’s Coffees
One of the stores in the center of Almaty, where it is necessary to look early in the morning to a leisurely breakfast. A cool summer morning, fragrant coffee specialties from Gloria Jean’s Coffees bit of sugar with toasted toast or air dessert will set the mood of the day.
+ 7 (727) 341 03 46, Almaty, Abylai Khan, 113

Be sure to try: Corporate Breakfast (1100 tenge), which consists of assorted cheeses, ham turkey with fresh-cut seasonal vegetables, fried eggs and fried toast. By breakfasts recommend french press of freshly ground coffee beans (630 tenge). For those who prefer a morning cup of tea – green tea brand, as well as chamomile and peppermint (460 tenge). And for dessert – homemade cake (990 tenge): apple, cherry and white chocolate with coconut.

♦ “guests”
The new restaurant has provided a large summer terrace: half the tables are located under the roof, the other – all in the open air, near the picturesque and well gramophone. They promise to take care of young leisure guests arrange area with rabbits and other entertainment. Here, pleasant music, rustling foliage mighty poplars and courteous waiters are not afraid to recommend dishes from the menu.
+ 7 (727) 293 84 14, Street, Almaty. Kunaeva, 78

Be sure to try: In the heat of the time to try cold soups, There is a hash with kvass and kefir, beetroot soup and cream of tomato soup and vegetables (899 tenge). Cold snacks – great choice of summer lunch. Extremely authentic sprat fillets at Borodino bread (699 tenge) or fat at home, which is served with green onion, horseradish, mustard and Borodino bread (999 tenge). If the heat – not a hindrance for your meal, choose a hot summer dish – dumplings with cherries (899 tenge) or sorrel soup with beef (999 tenge). Thirst is quenched bread kvass (1,199 tenge per 1 liter) or brand lemonade (499 tenge). And for evening tea party (try the strawberry-lime and green melon tea for 999 tenge per 1 000 ml) order grandmother’s jam, cakes, candy or a donut (399 tenge) – very soulful!

♦ Wagon Restarant
Summer “trailers” of this restaurant many call fabulous – there is something in them a toy, even magical. Sitting here a warm summer evening as pleasant as in the cozy establishment. Convenient location in a quiet area of ​​town, plus a faint background music provide a tranquil setting that is appropriate for a business lunch with business negotiations and for a romantic evening together.
+7 (727) 333 44 47, Street, Almaty. , Almaty, 241

Be sure to try: If you’re still not familiar with “tasty” creative chef Uncle Gene, this institution has to be registered in the list of «to do in the summer” among the first items. Try – everything! In the hot season here prepared for a number of surprises – in a summer menu appeared a variety of snacks and light salads. Note the entire three types of hash and Spanish gazpacho. Also this summer, the restaurant will start to brew your own beer (0.5 liters – 800 tenge). And for fans of soft drinks bartender has developed proprietary fresh-Aistian (450 tenge).

♦ “Prussia”
The summer terrace “Prussia Garden» happy for everybody, but this place will be especially interesting for visitors with children and pets. For children, there are organized not only the special menu, but also the spectrum of different entertainment. And the owners of the animals permitted to be present with pets. Chef Alexander Andreev, as always, enthusiastic audiences of European and national German dishes that make up a great duet with freshly-brewed beer specialty restaurant.
+ 7 (727) 246 05 58, Street, Almaty. Rozybakiyev 95

Be sure to try: A variety of deli meats that are the hallmark of the restaurant: pork leg in German (5499 tenge), smoked horse meat to beer (2,999 tenge), tender veal (3,499 tenge).

♦ Coffeeroom
The convenient location and the presence of a fairly large parking lot for the center (30 seats) makes this place very attractive. This fact must be taken into account, gathering here for the weekend – all the tables are usually occupied by a reserve. Summer terrace seats 80 people, the same who do not have enough space outdoors, offering a cafe located in the hall (for 70 persons).
+ 7 (727) 264 47 81, Street, Almaty. Satpaeva 3/220


Be sure to try: Danish pastry – cream or almond croissant (450 tenge), vanilla rose (450 tenge). As well as hearty, but light panini: grilled vegetables – zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, basil and balsamic (1,200 tenge), or with mozzarella – plus tomatoes, basil, iceberg lettuce, pesto (1,700 tenge).
♦ “Plyushkin”
One of the best places in town for daytime get-togethers – a small alley street Masanchi differs little traffic transport, and of the passers – is that students KazNTU. Another day pleasantness – here offer several variations of a business lunch – it all depends on how much you are willing to eat. For example, a set of “salad + second + drink” will cost 1,399 tenge. A full set of “second soup + salad + drink +” – 1899 tenge.
+ 7705777 65 55, st. Masanchi 100

Be sure to try: Pancakes (from 599 tenge) – for them there is a separate menu. If you do not fear for your figure, be local pastries (if there is a bakery cafe). In your basket “Plyushkin” (799 tenge) what is there not – muffin with apple, jam, poppy seeds, cherries, walnuts and currants. For those interested – there is a full vegetarian menu.

♦ “Greenhouse”
On the grounds of this cozy cafe can accommodate seasonal, according to representatives of institutions, 500 at a time. The whole area is a square with a complex system of zoning in the center – a cozy seating area with comfortable couches on the perimeter – area with a large dining table, comfortable for companies near the entrance – tables are set right in the middle of lawns (where you can walk barefoot through the grass and sunbathe ) behind – children’s area, plus two sites on the hill. There is also a zone of open-air cinema.

There have tried to recreate the home environment – from interior and kitchen, to special programs and bonuses for guests. For example, visitors to the kids in the children’s area from 12.00 to 20.00 are two animator (teachers and professionals), so that the parents have a good chance to rest and relax.
I promise that in the summer, “Teplice” do not have to miss a single day – themed evenings, theatrical performances and other activities will be permanently replace each other.
+ 7777008 88 77, st. Kurmangazy corner. Str. Pushkin

Be sure to try: Baked rolls, which are different unusually mild taste and a variety of pizzas. Generally kitchen “Greenhouse” is built on the principle of cosmopolitanism, and the menu can be found most striking dishes from different countries in Europe and Asia. The bar focuses on cocktail classics and refreshments own production – especially good homemade lemonade.

5 more places worth visiting:
boast spacious verandas and a large number of seats in the open air, but definitely worth to come here for: a special atmosphere, comfortable surroundings and a leisurely chat with friends.
♦ Coffee Balcon
+ 7 (727) 399 00 77, Street, Almaty. Furmanova 176
♦ Tea Aroma
+ 7 (727) 392 18 47, Almaty, etc. Abylaikhan, 113
♦ Coffee “Chocolate”
+ 7 (727) 272 08 84, Street, Almaty. Tole, 50
♦ Cafe Cafeteria
+ 7 (727) 272 0926, Almaty, street. Baiseitova 32
♦ Coffee Marrone Rosso
+ 7 (727) 261 39 54, Street, Almaty. Furmanova 149

(All content courtesy of timeout.kz)

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