Used Wedding Dresses

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  Are you still trying to find your dream wedding dress that doesn’t cost so much? Coming from experience, it can be really hard to do.  I’ve given some great ideas on how to find the perfect wedding...


Are you still trying to find your dream wedding dress that doesn’t cost so much? Coming from experience, it can be really hard to do.  I’ve given some great ideas on how to find the perfect wedding dress for you, either from how to design your own wedding dress, or going with vintage wedding dresses to save money, but today I’m going to take it one step further and suggest going with used wedding dresses. The idea can make most brides start quaking and getting repulsed with just the mention of going with used wedding dresses on their wedding day. I know I shrunk away from the idea of used wedding dress when I was planning my own wedding – but hear me out real quick because I’ve learned a lot about them lately. Used wedding dresses are a great way to save potentially thousands of dollars without anyone noticing anything. Plus, and here is something that most brides don’t know about either – but a common misconception about used wedding dresses is that they were all previously worn on someone else’s big day, which isn’t always the case. Interested in hearing more? So if you’re trying to find your dream wedding dress and have been thinking used wedding dresses weren’t going to be an option for you, here are some great reasons why you might want to look into used wedding dresses.

Myth: All Used Wedding Dresses Were Worn at Someone Else’s Wedding

I hinted at this in the introduction about used wedding dresses, because I knew that it would pique some interest. It sure did with me anyway because I figured that used wedding dresses were just that – used. Did you know that when you go to a bridal boutique to try on wedding dresses, and pick out the one you love, you don’t go home with the exact dress that you tried on? Never! They order you a new one that no other bride has worn tried on before in fitting rooms, and put their floor sample back on the racks for other brides to try on. So many of the so called used wedding dresses that companies sell aren’t really used how we think about them, but floor samples that brides used to try on before they purchased their own.  Many times these used wedding dresses are hundreds of dollars cheaper than having a new one – so be sure to ask the bridal boutique if they have separate floor sample prices. Also, one thing that I found when shopping for wedding dresses was that many brides who had already purchased and altered their wedding gowns for their wedding days, and then called off the wedding before it occurred were selling their wedding dresses as used – even though they had never been worn at a wedding but were altered from it’s original state – thus unreturnable to the store.

How to Find Used Wedding Dresses

There are lots of great ways to find used wedding dresses in your area. One great way is by purchasing someone else’s used wedding dress once they are done with it, as in, after they wore it in their own wedding. Many brides these days want to recoup some of the money they spent in their wedding, and don’t want to hold onto their wedding dress for years to come in case one of their children down the line want to use it. They’re typically willing to charge anything they can to get rid of it – since they know many brides don’t like to wear used wedding dresses.  Another great option for finding used wedding dresses is the Internet – which is pretty much a good source for finding anything you need. Auction sites like Ebay will grant you some excellent choices, and some real finds, but make sure you get some good pictures of the dress in the event of any stains or tears that weren’t disclosed. There are also some sites that cater to women wanting to sell their used wedding dresses to interested parties, which is another great place to look. Also, most communities have consignment shops where you can go to find a selection of used wedding dresses, but again, check for stains and tears before purchasing.

Used wedding dresses can be a real find if you know where and how to look, and nobody will ever be able to tell that you have a used wedding dress. So if money is tight, be sure to check them out, they could save you a lot of money.

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