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There is a saying that is very good : decided the fate of the decision bearing structure , the details determine success or failure , Custom nfl jerseys is everything , ideas determine height...

There is a saying that is very good : decided the fate of the decision bearing structure , the details determine success or failure , Custom nfl jerseys is everything , ideas determine height determines the depth , the pattern of decision outcome . Thinking of everything , planting positive thinking , healthy harvest success in life ; kind of good attitude, strong than one hundred kinds of wisdom . Now companies desperately staff training , in fact, people do not lack the knowledge and skills, but attitude , knowing that does not mean to do . 15 now and share successful people all have a good attitude, I wish you success :
One , zero mentality
The so-called zero mentality is completely put aside his own . In this world , that people have been living in the past , its biggest feature is to take the original take yesterday and today to compare . Unable to extricate themselves immersed in the past . Obsession, painful , especially lovelorn people , jumping hanging, lethargic . Is not quickly put down yourself. Experience is good , wealth , avoid some detours and losses , but we can not hold tightly , thenfl jerseys sale is to note down their own . Especially in the training we do , many people are holding critical attitude to school , they talk about the most is compared with previous training . To the end of training today did not even know what it is. We need to ask yourself three questions : 1. I want to do ? 2 What can I do ? 3 I do ?
His own step by step planning , the sense of each step , all successful people , no not by their own efforts step by step slowly out .
2 , learning attitude
A learning attitude is very important, in this world of information generated every day to be a man to completion of school in 1100 , and again in the knowledge of 40 % annual attrition rate updates, future opportunities are will to learn. There is a saying : Success represent the past, ability to represent the present, but only to learn before we can decide in the future . From the national to the enterprise, from the team of individuals are desperately in the study, in charge , so at classes, books, apprentice ……
3 , innovative mindset
I believe the only constant in this cheap nfl jerseys sale is change ! Change the pass, the pain is over . Especially in the highly competitive today . Should always stand in the forefront . In today’s fast-paced work no matter how busy it is, read the news , look at advertising to see and legal reflects society , reflecting market program . Of course, this is also the personal habits and preferences are different, I want to say is do not let yourself and social dislocation . Learn to follow good people , followed by a witch school play God , to succeed, we must together with the winners .
4 , to pay the mentality
People are afraid to lose , no one want to get the key is first to pay. Weixian teacher said a word: Life is a process of reckoning , do not care about the immediate gains and losses. When you succeed , God will give you everything back to you. Looking away, this road so long arduous , can always pay, excluding gains and losses , is commendable. It must have great wisdom, or Buddhist generosity . What kind of life do you think is the most valuable life ? Answer is : the ability to serve others in life is the most valuable life .
5 , the boss’s attitude
When you are a regular employee , you said we do business or product is completely China after three years , five years out of Asia , seven years later to the world, the whole earth is my village , what could you ? If you are already an upper tens of millions of entrepreneurs, I think it is still possible , the boss is upon my work as a career . The staff is working as a means of making money , this is the difference: If the company is ten -storey building, then the boss station location is the roof , deputy chief in the eighth , sixth floor manager in charge of the third floor, staff on the first floor and basement. So there is no boss as an employee of the realm and thinking , can not stand the boss’s point of view to consider and deal with the problem , can the company as their own careers to do .
6 , the doctor’s attitude
We all know that social competition is too cruel , too much pressure , too heavy , and sometimes really let us breathe. As the saying goes : life, unhappy in all likelihood . In fact , people have emotions , there is suffering hardships , there are not happy even when painful confusion , while others consoled actually no use , then we should have a doctor to adjust their mentality , people have to face a lot of difficult and helpless. In every human heart there is a critical point , when your mood fell to the critical point when it will bounce back , and will produce a powerful force ! Too much pressure, not a good thing . If not, the pressure into motivation , looking for some way to relieve the pressure from the responsibilities such as marriage and family , to learn to deal with pressure , extracting a variety of ways , such as listening to music, traveling , reading, vent , it is not another club , people move to live , move trees die !
7 , win-win mentality
Human growth is dependent – independent – the process of interdependence , the highest level of interdependence , win-win . Little success on their own, big success by team. In fact, the growth and progress of any society can not do without the support of others . This will be the combination of home crowd . The word “person” is also very peculiar structure , one written with a flick . You and I together form a peculiar supporting body , the less who will fall. A man has his price and value , the price is given by others , but the value of their own promotion. You want your own worth, we should let yourself have much value . Win-win cooperation with others is the basis of how much you have to give value to others .
8 , the responsibility of mind
Everyone took responsibility came to this world . West Point ‘s student chapter provides: Every student , no matter what time, no matter where you are, whether or not to conduct their own private events , have the responsibility to perform their duties and obligations. This performance must heartfelt sense of responsibility , not to be rewarded , or anything else.
9 , proactive attitude
We all know this proactive attitude that is active, the human mind only two: positive and negative . Mentality has three levels : attitude , passion and conviction. A man who wants to keep the passion and dynamic, depending on his faith , which is in front of that ideal . When the ideal of faith , when this positive mood is persistent. State of mind outbreak of passion , faith is the highest state of mind your attitude toward life determines life your attitude

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