Drowsiness, a Condition That Can Affect Your Health

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Drowsiness, a Condition That Can Affect Your Health And Performance Fatigue and drowsiness are due to general lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and dehydration, abuse of coffee or anemia. These are...

Drowsiness, a Condition That Can Affect Your Health And Performance

Fatigue and drowsiness are due to general lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and dehydration, abuse of coffee or anemia. These are known causes, but there are several other less obvious reasons of fatigue: gynecological infections, food allergies or hypothyroidism.

You often feel tired at work? Feel that you fall sleep standing up, although you sleep at night? You become addicted to stimulants in excess, just to complete your job duties well? It's time to find out what causes daytime sleepiness and how you can get rid of it blogg.

The human body is an open system, hyper complex, self-regulating, operating some cyclical patterns and schemes included in the generic term of biorhythm. Each individual has his own sleep cycle, depending on several factors such as genetic and organic factors, psychological and social factors. Sleep pattern is formed by habit. That is why when a person changes its time zone, sleep is affected G5007 products.

A healthy adult sleeps an average of 6-8 hours per day. Other times, he is the vigil state, has the function of concentration of attention and the ability to perform various activities. When sleep cycle is perturbed appear sleep fragmentation, extension of the period of sleep accompanied by fatigue, reduced concentration and sleepiness during waking.

Causes of daytime sleepiness

In the condition of not enough rest at night, the symptom cause is clear. If this was eliminated, there remain several important cases to be considered:

Sleep disorders related to breathing. Known as sleep apnea syndrome, this disorder is the appearance of prolonged pauses in breathing (10 seconds) which is repeated during the night - 15 times / hour leather laptop bags for women. Long-term effects are the appearance of excessive sleepiness, impaired concentration, impaired work performance and accident risk, and the occurrence of severe diseases like hypertension, heart disease, metabolic disturbances of blood fats (cholesterol) and risk of sudden death in night; Sleep disturbances in relation to a general medical condition (obesity, stroke, etc.); Sleep disorders related to substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, stimulants or medications); Psychological disorders, including hypersomnia (excessive sleeping) as an essential element or in combination with something else (e.g., major depressive episodes). Food Allergies - Some doctors believe that hidden food allergies cause drowsiness. If fatigue intensifies after meals, you might have a slight intolerance to what you eat, but not strong enough to cause itching or sores. Hidden gynecological infections - If you ever had a UTI probably know what those feelings of stinging pain and need to urinate constantly are. But not always urinary infections are announced by signs so obvious teamuniformssoccer. In some cases, fatigue may be the only symptom. A urine test can quickly confirm such an infection. Hypothyroidism - thyroid is a small gland located at the base of the neck. It controls your metabolism, meaning how fast your body transforms food into energy. When the gland is sluggish, your metabolism works slowly, resulting in weight gain and fatigue.

Above list of illnesses that may underlie excessive daytime sleepiness are all arguments to present to the doctor for further investigations.

How you can treat or combat daytime sleepiness?

If the main cause is the lack of night rest, it is recommended to adopt a program to allow normalization of sleep / wakefulness rhythm. Here are some methods that can be used to improve your sleep quality:

Try to fall asleep and to wake up every day at the same time, even during weekends. Do not eat much and do not drink plenty of fluids at least 2 hours before sleep. Avoid drinking coffee, alcohol and abusing of tobacco (or nicotine products) in the afternoon. Exercise during the day, but avoid this 2 hours before going to bed. Create a comfortable sleeping area (in dark, quiet, withdrawn). Try not to sleep during the day. Create several rituals that help you relax before going to bed (eg, take a warm bath, read a book or listen to relaxing music). Go to bed when you feel tired and close the light! If you do not fall asleep in the next 20 minutes, get up out of bed and do something else. Use sleeping pills only as a aresort and, anyway, do not take the medication without talking to your doctor before!

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