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LG G2 Reviews

Someone woke up a little crabby and defensive over a brand.

Simply stating that's the order of things in Korea. One company makes something, another copies it hoping customers like their version better. It happens in all markets. The original company doesn't bother itself with suing the other company, they just work on the next big thing knowing the other company is only playing. It's weird, and it's strange but that's how it was just explained to me by my Korean girlfriend. It seems they view copying as just a way to make things better.

As for Samsung, yes they copy just like LG. Like I said it's a difference in culture from the world , tell if your mocking me, HTC in sense 3 had a shortcut to get to quick toggles for a lot of settings.just a button to get to settings, and in sense 5 on android 4.2.2 they added them back in.

Like jailbreak/root apps settings whats wrong with u all u can still scroll the notifications and how many people actually use the notification to do anything but dismiss notifications the neo noo3 phones in nextbuying .

Samsung and Apple have plenty of profit. But you can't outdo someone by thinking laterally. LG's profits, for example, aren't fantastic, yet they're doing basically the same as Samsung except for the marketing budget behind it.

Or better put, just because a company has done some things right, or enough things right to gain an upper hand of the market, doesn't mean that they do everything right. And the smartphone market is still a baby. We (Android) have only been in this 5 years. There are PLENTY of gaps even in today's best devices and the only way to surpass them is to clearly make something better.

Well, let's just do what we did last year, but we were weak in the passing game so we will completely focus on that". That team is gonna lose a lot of games next year because they failed to improve further in areas where competition is matching them as they catch up. If a company decides to just do what other teams do, or fill in only what they lack at? 

Well guess what, the team you're copying is improving stuff too, and you're gonna at best be where they were last year but most of them fail to do it and make something better as a result.big guys make billions no matter what they copy from each other. . 

Thought after Samsung blatantly copied the iPhone with the first galaxy S that it was a fluke. Having lived in Korea for some time I've come to the realization that Koreans believe that if something is great, it should be copied relentlessly. Forget innovation, just scavenge sales until the next big idea comes along. I'm in no way surprised by LG's recent copying of the touchwiz ui and the quick display covers. I'm not saying all Korean companies are like this but it's prominent here. 

use it and that's a bit of a turn-off to be honest despite the hardware being beastly. I'd really like to see Sony get something on Verizon this year offer custom button layouts even including a shortcut to your own shade or Qmemo apps on the navbar itself and you can't offer simple multitasking without necessitating a long-press?

I'd rather have a phone I'm completely fine with using as is and if the development is there I'd see it as icing on the cake. I'm getting a little tired of fixing phones. 

blatantly copied too. Kind of like Touch wiz on the Galaxy S vs iOS. Anyone that says that wasn't a blatant copy job is lying to themselves.

many "features" that LG supposedly copied from Samsung they had first. People for some reason think all mighty Samsung can't copy?? We've seen there blatant copying, stealing, lying, and deceiving. I have no respect for Samsung and I'd buy an LG product long before any Samsung. 

Influence is taking a few good ideas and applying them with your own flavor, and improving them in ways.

Copying is flat out ripping off everything whether it's useful or not because you really don't have any more creativity than that. 
ios 7. Toggles aka quick settings to name one of the bat. audio plays when you plug in a headphone.  Ill give you the galaxy S. Samsung found their lane with the Galaxy S2

Samsung jacked siri with S-voice, right down to fake linen and conversation bubbles and even using the same backend (wolfram alpha and Google and a few other things). They ripped off passbook with s-wallet too. Their blatant copying is still alive and well. 

Take Google now and voice search. Google already was planning and had plenty of natural language technology. Siri pushed them to make something better and ship it faster. It influenced them to compete there and they outdid apple. 

S-voice was just a copied me-too app to pad a spec sheet

Though I agree that Android and iOS have their flaws, design is not perfect. I wished companies instead of just copying would improve what they copy as well. I would say the best "polished" smartphone OS is yet to come. Who knows iOS 10 or some "ginger beans sandwich" 8.2 it will be. I know one thing for sure Windows Phone is at least couple years behind.

apple been stealing from android. notification center, accessing notification from lock screen, quick settings, multi task cards list goes on. Samsung android so whatever apple steals they steal from Samsung also. im just glad that a galaxy phone will be in their family and the galaxy owner will call it Out

Thing is changeable soft keys and NONE of the options allows for the stock configuration (back - home - recent ). Stop giving the menu button prominence.

9 августа 2013, 14:11



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