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ABACUS TRAINING BENEFITS Calculating the right mind to be capable of quickly and Depending on the results mentioned above, some of the advantages of learning abacus education...


Calculating the right mind to be capable of quickly and Depending on the results mentioned above, some of the advantages of learning abacus education 脙搂脛卤km脛卤脜鸥t脛卤r.Abak脙录s One of the advantages that a complete and simple math problems as fast as you imagine 脙搂脙露zmektir.Ayr脛卤ca TO THE abacus mental calculation using the form has the ability to very quickly users blaguinhos.

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE All students in the class will be set according to the level of transactions abacus abacus steps of addition and subtraction of the 10 units (10 points total of 100 two-digit number), multiply 15 units (2 and 3-digit numbers multiplied by two and three-digit numbers) and 15 split operations (2 and 4-digit numbers one and two-digit numbers, division) to solve the wait impatiently.

In addition, calculated in the mind at the same time the question of addition and subtraction of the above transactions, including 10 as a 3-minute wait to be finished. Limited period of time each student wants to give the correct answer to all the questions on the top level of emotional peaks. Benefit of increasing the student`s emotional intelligence, even in cases where a hurry to avoid making mistakes ge脙搂mesindedir the conditioning and the action to give the correct answer barcode ribbon cambodia.

AMAZING! POWER Soroba report Energize Sorobanla children! Society of Japanese Soroban Abacus, Hungary was a compulsory subject in math class. Mathematics Soroban education in Hungary is known as a great nation on the rise. This study was widely recognized in the world. Nobel Prize winning scientists and leading up to a lot of people are one of the leading countries in Hungary. 400 3000 Mid-level school Soroban recently started classes. 1 in particular, and

2 level math classes, math classes 5 to 10 minutes of 185 hours of training is used to soroban Wrecker Truck. Japan, the right brain development, concentration, patience, as well as the computational capabilities of Soroban training is used to teach. However, one of the goals of education in Hungary soroban "could have thought" to teach. Individuals who want to maximize their potential students to countries to develop and Soroban system plays an important role in education.

Soroban education success story just does not apply to Hungary. Soroban is an important tool to develop the love of people in 20 countries around the world. A lot of middle school mathematics abacus uses state wireless remote control. In America, Brazil, China, the birthplace of the original abacus education is spreading even Soroban abacus is used as an active list of countries is given below; Hungary America China Taiwan Venezuela Cambodia Laos Ghana Tonga Malaysia Thailand Singapore Philippines Canada Australia Jordan New Zeeland Veitnam Fiji Mexico India Eritrea Pakistan

1) The purpose of education in Hungary Soroban `strength` to improve thinking.

2) 1 8th grade Almost 400 of about 3000 up to grade school education applies soroban. Soroban dramatic development in education Since 2004, the city of Amagasaki created a special soroban regions. Active since 2004 as a result of the special soroban spectacular regions of the secondary schools; Abacus training, self-confidence, the right brain development, regeneration, concentration, memory power and a good education for interiority camiyas脛卤nda "Soroban" field has been replaced. Amagasaki city was chosen as the model region. Ive been growing region which increased motivation to learn academic talents. Special soroban zone system began in 2004, the first school, but the number of schools deemed the results of education is increasing every year. Soroban approach to education in a lot of feedback from parents with higher education has not been better. More than 40% of all students, and more than any other method of teaching do not increase the ability of the account. Therefore, without a doubt, has started to implement Amagasaki`deki Soroban脛卤 all schools.

1 year (2004) the first school 2 year (2005) five school 3 year (2006) of 10 school 4 year (2007) of 15 school 5 year (2008) of 21 school 6 year (2009) of 43 schools (all middle schools in the city of Amagasaki, 6th year (2009) soroban education was introduced in all schools.) Thus, the most important was the way to develop the ability to scholastic soroban in Amagasaki.

A study conducted by students and their parents as a result of the abacus Amagasaki`de the following results were obtained: Research conducted with the parents` Very good, "Those who say it was 86%. Students study aimed at" Soroban developed talent "94% say" 43% faster than those who measure my "Soroban convenient" Those who say it was 48%.

In Otaki, Otaki Middle School 10 minutes before the courses "Soroban morning exercises` research was done in the application. These studies, the children themselves, to feel fit and led to an increase in the level of concentration of the courses start." Soroban morning exercises, "the effect of the exercise of their amazing ability to not only develop the calculation dispensed at the same time focus, motivation, communication skills, and the fact that the increase has been revealed gogocj.

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