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Well, it seems that a diary entry I wrote just now wasn't save don my computer so that sucks. Not that I reread my diary entries, but still, it's kind of a shame. Something useful I managed to...

Well, it seems that a diary entry I wrote just now wasn't saved on my computer so that sucks. Not that I reread my diary entries, but still, it's kind of a shame.

Something useful I managed to do:

1. Finalise my school schedule.

2. Attend a class

3. Wake up early

4. Research grad school opportunities and scholarships

How I managed to indulge myself:

1. Paneria (still the best panini I've ever tasted)

Today's Featured Movie:

Dead Poets Society (1989) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097165/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

The only reason I ever wanted to be a boy is to attend a really great boarding school and form great friendships that would last forever. Otherwise, being a girl suits me just fine. The boys in this film are really great. I love how they - despite how different they are in their values and characters - really got inspired by their teacher's story and never hesitated to try things. Their liveliness is probably the main reason I was so drawn to them. Of course, this may just be young age, but I don't recall myself being that excited all the time in me early-to-mid teens (but, of course, that could just be me).

Robin Williams as John Keating is very good. What was so appealing about him for me was his passion about poetry - something very few people would have the guts to pursue seriously - and his convictions about his job, his approach, his personality, his values. I wish I was that sure of myself and my choices.

The ending is a bit extreme for my taste, but it probably needed to be done. Better to die while you're still alive than to merely exist - instead of truly living - for the rest of your life. It's not necessarily what I would have done, but it does strike a chord.

Ethan Hawke's character Todd Anderson goes through an important development, gains confidence and finds a friend, which was particularly touching to me. Those kinds of things - when executed well - always find a way to my heart. And, it was just interesting to watch young Ethan Hawke, especially since I enjoyed him so very much in Gattaca.

But the first boy that really sparked my interest was young Robert Sean Leonard's Neil Perry - smart, friendly, kind, artistic and so tragic. I would really love to have a friend like him. I was surprised to see him as House's best friend Dr. Wilson, but he's really good in both roles.

Favourite scenes would be Todd Anderson's (Ethan Hawke) poem improvisation and the students' goodbye to John Keating (Robin Williams).

Today's Featured Song:

Fly Project - La Musica

It's kind of perfect, really.

Insight(s) of the Day:

Money is time, not the other way around. Money is but a commodity, time is the most precious thing we the human lot have.

There is nothing more objective than truth. What I have in mind is not metaphysics, but facts.

Quote of the Day:

Child, child, do you not see? For each of us comes a time when we must be more than what we are.

Lloyd Alexander

Poem of the Day:

Николай Некрасов

Замолкни, Муза мести и печали!
Я сон чужой тревожить не хочу,
Довольно мы с тобою проклинали.
Один я умираю - и молчу.

К чему хандрить, оплакивать потери?
Когда б хоть легче было от того!
Мне самому, как скрип тюремной двери,
Противны стоны сердца моего.

Всему конец. Ненастьем и грозою
Мой темный путь недаром омрача,
Не просветлеет небо надо мною,
Не бросит в душу теплого луча...

Волшебный луч любви и возрожденья!
Я звал тебя - во сне и наяву,
В труде, в борьбе, на рубеже паденья
Я звал тебя,- теперь уж не зову!

Той бездны сам я не хотел бы видеть,
Которую ты можешь осветить...
То сердце не научится любить,
Которое устало ненавидеть.


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“Now let us dispel some rumors so they just don’t faster into facts. Yes, I too attended Helton and survived. And, no at the time I was not the mental giant you see before you. I was the intellectual equivalent of a 98-pound weakling! I would go to the beach and people would kick copies of Byron in my face!”

John Keating is too funny xD
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