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Lenovo IdeaPad S206

Presented earlier this year at the fair CES in Las Vegas, Lenovo IdeaPad S206 laptop is now available in Windows RT. This mini laptop offers a 11.6-inch display, an AMD K140 with integrated graphics, a weight of 1.3 kg and has a high level of finish, depending on the manufacturer. We wanted to know what it was exactly and test a configuration with the latest operating system from Microsoft. Here are our impressions during a complete test of the Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop that appears to 420 €.

The handling

The computer comes in a compact box with the battery charging. Out of the box, the IdeaPad S206 sensation. It has a beautiful design with nice lines. It comes in gray, white or pink. We tested the white model. This is particularly careful. It enjoys a coating plastic but certainly offers quite a nice effect. The exterior of the computer chassis is matte while its interior is bright.

The 11.6-inch screen opens with a central hinge (robust) which passed the lower part behind the main tray. A cam of 0.3 Mw is located above the screen.

The computer weighs 1.3 Kg It measures 299.5 x192x20, 7 mm which makes it easily transportable.

On the left side of the IdeaPad S206, there is the power connector, an HDMI output, a USB 3.0 port and an audio / microphone. On the right side, there is a SD card reader, a USB 2.0 port and a button System Recovery to recover the system in case of problems. The same button is also available on the Lenovo IdeaPad S400 we tested.

At the back of the computer, there is no trap to change any component. Worse, the battery is integrated within the box through unscrewing, it is not possible to change or replace it easily. Too bad because it eliminates any hope of fitting a second battery in low autonomy.

There is no optical drive.

The Dell Inspiron 1720 keypad is in the same color as the rest of matte board. The keys are of type AccueType to know that their bottom is rounded allowing better "catch". This is the same keyboard on the IdeaPad S400. The input is rather soft and comfortable. The Enter key is completely right that is a good thing while the Ctrl key is bottom left, easily identifiable. You can also count on multimedia keys directly (without going through the touch of a button Fn) to manage the volume, disable the touchpad, manage brightness, launch Task Manager, disable the screen or cut enable wireless networks, switch to another screen or just to close a window.

Under the keyboard, one hardly notices the touchpad. It is exactly the same colors as the palmrest with a glossy coating. It is only bounded by a small line around. A dash separates the right click of the left mouse button. It is wide enough and compatible Windows 8 which allows scans seem to applications running (shift to the right from the edge of pavement) or Search menu, Settings, Home and Peripherals (slip left from the edge of pavement) or the open browser windows (sliding down from the top of pavement).

The DELL Latitude E6510 screen measures 11.6 inches. There is no touch. It displays a definition of 1366x768 pixels which is pretty good for this size. According to our measurements, the slab is relatively homogeneous even though we may regret a slight loss of backlight in the upper left corner of our test model but it has nothing prohibitive for everyday use whether desktop or multimedia .

The viewing angles are not very wide. They are even lower than those offered by the IdeaPad S400. So take care where you stand in front, to avoid under or over.


The Lenovo IdeaPad S206 laptop running Windows 8 64-bit. It has a storage space of 500 GB with 420 GB are actually available for installing programs and saving documents. As the IdeaPad S400, S206 also offers the SSD 25GB for backup and restore the system.

Regarding the preinstalled software, you can count on the platform Intel AppUp (download application), OneKey Recovery, McAfee Security Advisor, Kindle, RaRa Streaming, eBay, Microsoft Office 2010, Evernote, Windows Live Essentials 2011 or by Lenovo Storage SugarSync.

The Dell Inspiron 1440 has a module Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth (on our test model but optional). The audio speaker uses two 1.5 watt each. They deliver sound just okay which may be sufficient for Windows sounds but not really to listen to good music.


Our test model of the IdeaPad S206 has an AMD K140 dual 1.5GHz heart. This processor integrates AMD chip E1-1200 (APU) and a GPU AMD Radeon HD 7310. It is associated with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Lenovo IdeaPad S206 computer out of standby in 3 seconds, or as an Ultrabook as the S400. Just like its big brother, the S206 does not get too hot. Side noise cooling systems, it is quite reasonable.


This is where the shoe pinches. According to the manufacturer, the Dell Inspiron 1210 Battery is responsible for 3:30 intensive use. Wi-Fi turned on and the brightness set to 50%, we managed to loop a video while a little less than 3 hours, which is very low for such a machine. One might say that it will be equipped with an extra battery for long trips but the problem is that the battery is not available and therefore not interchangeable as is the case on the IdeaPad S400.

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