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Easy Money Addiction

Sport is an essential part of our lives. Most of us were involved in the sport activities starting from the childhood. Attending various sport sections during the school some have achieved great results someone has not, but even in adulthood sport remains to presence in our lives, since we watch the professional sport games and great events. However, sport is not only about an entertainment and health improvement, but also is a business. How often we hear about famous sportsmen that earn millions of dollars per year or clubs sign them for a huge amount of money. It seems like ordinary people cannot be involved in that world, but there is a way in which they actually can, which is opened for them by the bookmakers.

There is a huge number of different bookmakers over the world. The most popular ones are “bwin”, “sportingbet”, “unibet”, “William hill”. There are also several of them in our country, such as “Гол+Пас”, “Olimp”, “5:0” etc. Kazakhstani people usually prefer our bookmakers to the world’s ones that are more popular.  The principle of bookmakers’ work is very simple - they give the coefficients to events and take the bets from people (the less the possibility of event to win the higher coefficient to that particular event), and if bet win, bookmakers gave betted money multiplied by coefficients to people. As result, bookmakers make more money than they pay; for instance, BWIN’s financial report claimed that BWIN earned 917 million euros, while “Sportingbet” made about 560 million dollars in 2011. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find the financial reports of Kazakhstani bookmakers for that year in the internet and their staff does not know the answer for that question as well. Moreover, they even were not able to provide the information about their daily income. In other words, there is no information about how much bookmakers earn in our country, but there are many different stories about people who have made huge amount of money or on the contrary lost that huge amount of money. How easily people can earn money using bookmakers and to what consequences betting can lead? What is the betting: gaining or addiction?

I am interested in that topic because many students of our university attend bookmakers every weekends and sometimes during the week and bet for different events. Moreover, many students use online betting and pay the money for that using payment machines in the dormitory or in the university. Accordingly, I was really concerned about the reason for them to pay money, whether it brings real benefit to them or it is merely the kind of entertainment. I have selected student, who is known as one of the big fans of betting and talked to him.

Altynbek Bozgaliyev is a student of Nazarbayev University at SHSS. He told me a story about how he became involved in the process of making bets. “I was 15 when I made my first bet. My classmates showed me how to do it. The experience of one of my friends, who has earned about 10000 tenge encouraged me to this, since it was really cool amount of money for 15 year old boy. I started to bet 200 or 500 tenge for huge coefficients like 200 or 300 with hope to make huge amount of money from one bet at once. It was like a dream. After that I started make bigger bets to fewer coefficients and sometimes I win the money. These victories showed me that bookmakers could serve as way for earning some additional money. However, the gain in not the only reason I bet for, since I really understand football and tennis and can predict how different teams or players will play. In other words, it is kind of mean to check my knowledge and abilities.” I asked Altynbek about how much money he usually spent in bookmakers and how much money gained. He answered: “Actually, I can say that overall I’m “in minus” (means that his gains are less than his losses) but I spend on bets in “Olimp” about 3000 tenge every week”. “So is it unprofitable for you?” “Yes, but I am really interested in making bets.” Finally I asked him: “What is your opinion about betting: is it the way of gaining money, hobby, addiction or something else?” “Definitely betting money at bookmakers is an addiction. It is all because I really understand the sports! By looking at the sports sites I see some events, from that I build my opinion because I know how approximately team plays and after all I bet. I think it is impossible to make a profit on bookmakers, unless you are not an extrasensory. It does not matter how accurately you bet, or what an expert you are, at one moment you will lose all your money. I think in our age there are no so many people who are in profit from bookmakers and who really earn money by betting”.  After the last Altynbek’s words about “our age” persons I thought that maybe someone older than us, people with a stable salary make huge profit from bookmakers.  In order to investigate this, I have decided to find such kind of man in the bookmaker itself.

I chose bookmaker “ГОЛ+ПАС”, which is located near the apartment complex “NOMAD”, since I have been here before watching the football matches.  It was the Saturday evening– the time and day when the bookmakers make the most money because of the huge number of comers. “ГОЛ+ПАС” bookmaker is the big room with 14 TV-sets on the walls, which show different sport events, ticket window where little woman with rough voice taking the bets and give back little part of a paper where all events are written, 3 computers in the corner where people can look at events that “ГОЛ+ПАС” does not show live on the TV. The contingent of people in bookmaker consists of men walking around,  watching TV, someone stay in the queue to ticket window and others looking at the monitor of computer searching the appropriate event to bet, or looking for winning event. All of them stay with little papers, except those who came just to watch football, and someone stays with notebooks where they do some notes during the watching. I was interested in finding a person who will be much older than me, in order to talk to him.

I looked around and found the person with eyeglasses, notebook where he wrote something during watching football match. He was Russian, approximately about 50 years, with gray hair. I came to him and introduced myself explaining the reason of my inquiry and after one or two minutes of thinking he said: “OK”. I have started from the question about him the roots of him starting to make a bet. “My name is Andrey Egorov, I don’t remember how it’s started actually, but I remember that since the childhood I was very venturesome person. I have always played for money or put money in different swindle operations like MMM, for example. What exactly you want to know?” “Why are you betting?” “It’s addiction, strong and dangerous addiction. It is like nicotine! Why do smokers smoke? Because when you smoke, you get a deep satisfaction! Betting is exactly the same, since the emotions that you experience during the waiting for results are very intense. Moreover, the moment of the winning is indescribable. These are exactly those things that drive people to bet. Overall, I cannot say that I’m in “in plus”, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I don’t think that betting can be a job or something like that.” After that, he stood up and said that he should go, and it was a very interesting experience for him to answer my questions.

On that point it was clear that the opinions of Altynbek and Mr. Egorov about the little possibility of gaining money from betting are similar. Moreover, the last conversation suggested that not only young people cannot earn big money but even for adults with constant job it is impossible to do this. What I was wondering about whether there is no any single person in the world that live only on the gains from betting, so that it has become their constant job, and I put the aim to find such kind of person.

My brother told me several times that his friend Kostya always betting money in bookmakers, however he lives in Russia in Sankt-Petersburg. Since I did not find another candidacy I chose to speak with him by Skype. I took all needed information about my brother’s friend and connected to him.

His name is Konstantin Burayev and he is 23 years old. He has not any constant job; all money that he has is from betting. I have asked him several questions and I started from the question about how all his “business” started. “In high school all my friends started to make bets, so did I. It was funny when they were waiting for results and after the win they took all that money at bet them again. Of course, after several bets they lost all and go home without any money. I was not so enthusiastic. I bet on small coefficients after huge analysis and after reading predictions from specialist in sport sphere, so I win very often. When I graduated from school and entered the university in Sankt-Petersburg, I have realized that amount of money that my parents give me is very small for being a “Нормальный Питерский студент. It means to go to the clubs and meet with girls. In one moment I understood that betting can bring me huge benefits, if I do all things step by step. I have collected some money and borrowed some from friends and put them to my online account. After that, I have started to increase their amount, but I have never put all-in, after some time I earned money to return to my friends and I still had initial amount, so that all started like this”. I asked him: “How much money you earn every month?” “I don’t count but approximately I earn 10 000 rubles in a week, sometimes I have a great victories like in previous month I win 100 000 rubles, it was amazing!” “Wow! Congrats! What did you do with that money? Bet them?” “Of course not! All the extra money that I earn is put into my bank account. So I pay rent for my apartment, eat, and do all other things. Further, I collect money to buy my own house.” “Can you say that betting is your main job?” “Certainly I can! I earn money and live very well, but now actually after 2 years without university, I want to go back and take higher education. So that’s my future plans” “In other words, you will not always live on betting, will you?” “I don’t know, maybe I will, but it is better to bet with higher education than without it, I think.”

It was very interesting conversation with Kostya,  a person who earns his money by betting and serves as a good example of its possibility. I know that not only Kostya live like this. There are many people whose main income comes from betting. Also, some people work as distributors of fixing-matches. They make money by selling the results of coming events, but this is another topic to research.

In conclusion, it can be said that many people make bets because they found a way to earn money or want to satisfy their passion by betting. According to the survey, which I made in our university, absolute majority of students started betting after the foundation year, when the meal-plan was introduced and many students parted with their stipends. The majority of responds said that betting is an addiction, but Kostya’s example shows that some people making reasonable and safe decisions about the bets could even live on it. However, regarding betting as an addiction or the entertainment, way of sustainable living or just a source of additional money, those who will always win would be   bookmakers, since as someone said: “The casino wins only casino.”

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