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The release of the Trinity is the main product for the mobile platform, Llano APU Fusion concept continues the previous generation, increasing the core area, integrating more transistors, more...

The release of the Trinity is the main product for the mobile platform, Llano APU Fusion concept continues the previous generation, increasing the core area, integrating more transistors, more processing power for us and the performance of the game. However, in this era of excess performance, we care more about the new products bring us what kind of new features, just like on the video image stabilization technology generation Llano, perhaps utilization is not high, but very innovative. left us a deep impression. So next, let's introduce everyone to the new features of the Trinity APU, and then we test the performance of the Trinity.

1, Trinity What's new?

With the continuous improvement of the integration of the CPU, the processor now those antique unlike a dozen years ago, and only as a computer operator and control center, more and more new features to improve our day-to-day use gradually integrated into processor to go. As AMD whole new generation of APU Trinity, it is not only the video image stabilization technology upgrade to 2.0, but it also provides the AMD Quick stream technology.

Video image stabilization 2.0

AMD video image stabilization technology is a very magical technique when the handheld DV shooting video footage will produce some jitter, especially in cars, ships, shoot, this jitter will be more intense, when we use ordinary player to play this video, screen jitter back and forth. If you are using a computer powered by AMD APU use specific player then open AMD video image stabilization feature, its screen will be many more smoothly.

To video image stabilization 2.0 AMD the technology further promotion, we not only by the player to watch local video enjoy the video image stabilization technology, but also to install the plug-in, watching streaming video on YouTube can also video anti shake function. Of IE, FireFoX and Chrome three browsers have the plug-in.

AMD Quick stream technology

AMD Quick stream technology is a priority to ensure that the media, the Internet traffic, to achieve smooth video playback technology. In other words, if our side to watch the video online, while download something, computer support AMD Quick stream technology can detect you watch the video, then the intelligence will be a limited amount of bandwidth allocated to online video playback, occupied to avoid download excessive traffic caused by the phenomenon of the video does not play smoothly.

Heterogeneous computing

Heterogeneous computing in the first generation of APU already have a very advanced technology, software support, allows the CPU and GPU to work together, acceleration, and ultimately with each other to achieve higher processing efficiency, bring us more powerful performance and user experience. However, because of the small number of supported software, so for the first generation of APU almost become a decoration. However, in 2012, a new generation of APU release, support for heterogeneous computing the number of software have been gradually growing up, like the latest Photoshop CS6 of MotionDSP's of vReveal, WinZIP 16.5 software support APU's heterogeneous computing.

2, CPU performance boost

Although the CPU performance, the phenomenon of excess, but I believe no one will refuse to enhance CPU performance, new generation CPU is even worse than the performance of the previous generation, and why we have to buy a new product? AMD new generation APU is its official claim that compared to the previous generation, its x86 core performance boost of 25%, then the fact that how? Next we actually test some.

AMD new generation the Trinity A series APU continuation of the basic framework of the previous generation Llano APU in a silicon integrated GPU and X86 architecture CPU using 32nm manufacturing process. But a new generation of Trinity A series APU has a larger core area, which makes the the Trinity A series APU has more number of transistors, resulting in higher performance.

Positioning high-end A10 4600M processor and on the new generation of AMD A series APU generation positioning high-end A8 3500M processor the X86 core of the argument. The two processors for the mobile platform products, design TDP are 35W, with four physical cores, the two most obvious difference is that the frequency AMD generation APU clocked set on very conservative, even targeting high-end A8 1.5GHz. However, a new generation of A10 frequency increased very obvious, but it also supports third-generation AMD Turbo Core technology (intelligent dynamic overclocking), core frequency up to 3.2GHz.

CPU performance tests, we chose CINEBENCH R10, Maxon launched a cross-platform test system, it uses precision Cinema 4D effects engine developed for the film and television industry to use the CPU rendering a 3D scene screen to test processor multi-core and single-core processing power. From the above test results, the AMD multi-core test A8 nearly 20% ahead of the leading single-core A8 25% of more, shows that the new AMD A10 processor performance.

The practical application of how to?

Enhance the performance of the new generation of APU A10 can be seen from the front of the benchmark software test scores, in the practical application of this upgrade we brought what? We Excel spreadsheet processing test.

Excel is one of the components of the Microsoft Office software Microsoft office, we can use it for data processing, statistical analysis and decision support operations, mainly used for the budget, financial data aggregation heavy computational tasks, is widely applied in many fields such as management, statistics, finance, financial. In such a test, we use the spreadsheet 70.1MB size calculation function for testing CPU needs to process hundreds of thousands of times the computing. Can be seen from the test results in the top view, A10 X86 enhance the ability of the core processing using Excel operator can more quickly obtain the calculation result to save computation time.

For AMD APU, the integration of high-performance graphics core is a major highlight of the performance of the previous generation A8 the HD6620G integration has exceeded the level of entry-level graphics card, provides us with a good game performance. For a new generation of APU A10, its fusion of single significant upgrade to the HD7000 series. Judging from the parameter HD7660G the Radeon HD6620 core number of more than, its performance will be stronger?

3DMark Vantage is a comprehensive benchmarking tool based on Microsoft DX10 API to create, test results GPU score reflects the level of graphics performance, in such a test, we treated Entry mode measured notebook tested. From the test results, the AMD A10 integrated HD7660G performance of the project very well, its GPU score 19251, with a new generation of midrange discrete graphics GT630M score similar, about 25% more than the previous generation A8 integrated HD 6620G.

3Dmark11 3DMark Vantage and similar are focused on graphics performance benchmarking software, just 3DMark11 test tools based on a new generation of DX11 API. In the test that we use the P mode Both notebooks are tested, the test results show A10 4600 with HD7660G run DX11 games more.

The game runs how?

Results of benchmarking software for us to provide a standard reference values, these values ​​reflected the performance of the card game, but the score is not intuitive, we can not be seen from these values ​​the actual game effect of this card, so Next to show the actual effect of the running game in the A10.

AMD the new A10 integrated HD7660G game performance is good, compared with the previous generation A8 integration HD6620G frames significantly improve, „Assassin's Creed“ 1366 × 768 resolution medium screen settings can run smoothly, „dust“, „Call of Duty“ This level of mainstream 3D games.

The next-generation mobile platform APU continuation of the previous generation APU overall layout, locate the lowest of the E series, mainly for low-end entry-level users, mainly low-cost portable notebook; A family-oriented mainstream notebook users, which A4/A6 / A8 and the generation A series corresponding product positioning, a new member of the A10 compared to series A, its strongest performance of the high-end positioning.

From the information currently available on a mobile platform, AMD A series processors not only provide 35W standard voltage processor, and also introduced the low power consumption of 25W and 17W products, they will be used in AMD flagship extreme thin and light notebook, so the ultimate slim notebook to have native 4-core processor, at the same time with the powerful GPU for us to provide enhanced graphics performance.

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