Samsung Laptop Battery can not charge 100%

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Samsung R580 'Plugged in, not charging' My original laptop (Samsung R580 battery deteriorated over time and I was receiving messages telling me it could not hold a full charge and to 'consider...

Samsung R580 'Plugged in, not charging'

My original laptop (Samsung R580 battery deteriorated over time and I was receiving messages telling me it could not hold a full charge and to 'consider replacing your battery.' Eventually it could not hold a charge at all so I bought a new one.

The replacement samsung laptop battery arrived today and is fine. It was charged to 90% which is it's limit but I received the message 'Plugged in, not charging'. I bought the battery so that I might use the laptop independently of the AC adapter once again but it looks like once I've used up the 2 hour life on the battery, I will have to use the adapter again as it will not charge the battery.

I was wondering if anyone has come across this before and if they have a fix.

I've found several versions of the same fix on the internet:

1. Click Start and type device in the search field, then select Device Manager.

2. Expand the Batteries category.

3. Under the Batteries category, right-click the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing, and select Uninstall.

WARNING: Do not remove the Microsoft AC Adapter driver or any other ACPI compliant driver.

4. On the Device Manager taskbar, click Scan for hardware changes.

This fix didn't work for me. On switching on laptop and checking the Device Manager again, Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery had returned.

Method 1: Calibrating the battery while PC is in use

Recalibrating the battery requires a cycle of a complete charge and a complete discharge. If the PC is being used during this calibration cycle, the power management properties must be disabled to allow the Samsung AA-PB2VC6W battery to completely discharge. To recalibrate the battery while using the PC, complete the following steps.

Connect the samsung AC adapter and allow the notebook to charge until the battery is charged to 99% - 100% of capacity.

To determine the percentage of battery power, with the notebook operating normally, right-click on the power icon in the system tray, and select Open power meter . The Power Status is displayed.

When the battery has charged to 99-100%, remove the AC power adapter cable from the notebook PC. An overnight charge will charge your battery to 100%, even if the battery meter indicates you have less than a 100% charge.

Click Start , click Control Panel , and click Category View .

Click Power Options , click Performance and Maintenance , then the Power Options .

On the Power Schemes tab notice and record the default settings. You will need to reset these values later.

Figure 1: Power Options Properties Window

Select the Always On Power schemes value. Then select the Never value for all topics in the Running on batteries column.

The Always On settings prevent your notebook from entering Sleep mode and allow the battery to drain faster.

Click Apply to accept the values and force the battery to consistently discharge. The notebook is in constant operation during the test period.

Allow the battery to discharge completely until the notebook PC turns off.

The battery is now calibrated and the samsung np-n510 battery level reading on the power meter is now accurate.

Plug in the AC adapter and restart your notebook.

Return to the Power Options Properties dialog box (Step 5), and re-enter your power savings settings to the desired level.

Please note you will need to charge and partially discharge your battery for samsung r519 before completely draining it otherwise you may kill your battery.

The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time and use. Eventually you will need to purchase another battery.

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