october 23rd

Stanfordgirl 2012 M10 24

Hi everybody! Yesterday I did my 4th attempt to pass the gmat. 650. 42-quant, 38-verbal. Just wanted to share the experience since it is still fresh in my mind. So biggest mistakes: 1) after 3...

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I tried to pass the gmat for the fourth time. what a shame. 650. 42-quant, 38-verbal.

Just wanted to share my  experience with you, otherwise I might forget my feelings and thoughts.

So my biggest mistakes:

1) after 3 hours (which means right at the beginning of the verbal session) I simply could not focus anymore.

2) problem of last 3 questions. I had 7 minutes for my last 3 questions on quant, which is more than enough. But... i started panicking. And I turned out guessed on all of them.

3)in general my weak areas are: stamina, 700 and up questions on quant, reading comp on verbal.

I scheduled next test (surely my last one) on 23 rd of November. it means I have one month to prepare!

Short study plan:

1.First week - work on stamina (check which conditions work best for me, and check if it is really stamina issue): fully rested take 2 full tests.

2.Second week - read critically all the time, do Manhattan gmat sentence correction book, and overview all manhattan Gmat math books.

3. Third week - responsibly do one full test a day, and practice on integrated reasoning.

4. Forth week - AWA essay, make it perfect. Take one test, rest of the time relax.

General advice: don't stop doing sport, participate in beatthegmat discussions, do a class with instructors.

I promise I am going to post every day, so you can track my progress.


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