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The market segment from the new turn of the century has become largely centric to that of the consumer demands. The computer manufacturers, especially laptop manufacturers make it a point to...

The market segment from the new turn of the century has become largely centric to that of the consumer demands. The computer manufacturers, especially laptop manufacturers make it a point to manufacture products that are set as per the demands of a particular segment of the society. This concept was innovated by companies such as Dell and Gateway. The small notebook computers are an apt example of such an innovation that caters to a segment of the society.

About Small Notebook Computers

The small notebook computers are the laptop computers which are also known as sub notebooks or in some cases, mini laptops or notebooks. The computer market is divided into notebooks and netbooks, which a well-defined line of difference with regards to all their features. A more informal sub type of notebooks, which is of course the small notebook computers has originated. Small notebook computers are smaller than regular laptops or notebooks, however they are bigger than netbooks. The insider features are also somewhere in between for example the hard disk will be 320 GB or something above 160 GB, which is the one for netbooks. The screen (9 inches or a bit lower) again would not be as big as a regular notebook, but it will be a bit bigger than a regular netbook. The drawbacks may include lack of a DVD drive, absence of a high-end graphics card, though there is indeed a basic or a less advanced graphics card.

Many computer manufacturers have launched this range of sub laptops at highly competitive rates which have attracted a substantial proportion of society. This mini notebook computers range is used for several applications, that include, gaming, education, home application, etc. As consumers the best thing that we can capitalize upon is the low price range and the small size of such laptops.

Best Small Notebook Computers

There are countless models that have been launched by manufacturers and come under the domain of 'small notebooks'. Laptop companies and some small notebook computers reviews have also complimented the smart approach of companies towards this market segment. Here are some models that one may consider.

The Dell Studio and Dell Inspiron, can be considered to be small notebook computers owning to their features as well as a smaller size, not to mention the light weight and lesser price range that revolves round $500. Dell, the name itself implies good quality and an assured after sales service. The answer to the question 'which computer brand is the best' is often Dell.

If you are searching for the best computer brand to buy your small notebook computer, then it would be rude to forget HP. This computer brand has a well-known research and development ability as well as the fascinating production history. HP ProBook, HP EliteBook and HP Mini are considered to be small notebooks. Just as Dell, they also have a good, price range that revolves around $500.

Acer and Gateway also manufacture some small notebook computers, one being the Acer Aspire marquee, that has both netbooks and small notebook computers. The small size does prove to be quite handy and the specifications match the requirements of college students, fantastically. The price range is again very good.

The last brand that can be recommended is the Lenevo. ThinkPad series and Enhanced ThinkPad series are commendable as small notebook computers. The price range is about $600, with good performance.

Racially choosing small notebook computers should depend on two factors, namely, your budget and secondly the application of the computer. But don't worry there are plenty of choices to choose from. I hope that the elaboration on the small notebook computers is elaborate and resourceful. Good luck.

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