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If Apple creates infatuation with laptops Pavilion DV6000 and ultra-high-end mobile, Samsung does not leave him alone in this sector. The response of the Korean manufacturer is in this 13.3-inch with...

If Apple creates infatuation with laptops Pavilion DV6000 and ultra-high-end mobile, Samsung does not leave him alone in this sector. The response of the Korean manufacturer is in this 13.3-inch with a 128GB SSD, a slab mate, a duralumin hull (aluminum alloy) and a core i5 processor of the latest generation . Equipment that allows him to come walking in the flowerbeds 13.3-inch MacBook Air.

First the positives: NP9 screen is matte with a correct definition (1366 x 768 pixels). COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ61 Battery It also displays a contrast ratio of 760:1 using. Worth more than respectable when we know that the majority of laptop screens does not exceed 500:1.Unfortunately, for the rest, it is not better than the other, and even worse in some respects.

The Pavilion DV6 color rendering is completely untrue. His deltaE - the difference between the perfect colors and those displayed - is 11.6. For a manufacturer to screen, treat a minimum color was not a luxury, especially on a high-end product.For viewing angles and responsiveness, there is no better or worse than the competition, that is to say, it embeds a TN panel and the bottom is black. About the persistence time, it is equivalent to 5 ms TN.

Where it really differs from others, and not much is on dynamic contrast when you're on battery. This management mode brightness is highly visible and can not be disabled. In the movies, it never ceases to vary the brightness, which is quite unpleasant.

The Compaq Presario CQ60 keyboard is pleasant to use as it is to the eye. Typing is silent and instinctive. Note that the keys are backlit. This light is switched off to preserve battery life. It also has a fn key lock to lock the function key in its active position. It's nice when we watch a movie and to manage the brightness of a single finger.

The Vostro 1510 touchpad has a pleasant touch and slide. If resembles that of Macbooks, it also incorporates features (zoom, scroll, etc). Its surface is fully clickable and right click just be "the Mac way", that is to say by placing a finger on the touchpad and clicking another.

The webcam displays rendering and correct color reproduction. If the movements are somewhat fluidity and quickly loses detail when the surroundings are dark. It is acceptable for everyday use to the extent that we forget to light the room sufficiently.

As announced, the level of finish is one of the bitten apple products. However, to provide a shell as thin as possible,Inspiron E1505 Battery has placed a connection unconventional and potentially less convenient to use. Apart from two USB ports and headphone / microphone are standard size, the rest is spent in mini format. The video output is not standard but an HDMI mini-HDMI, card reader or SD card not read micro SD but much less common. The Ethernet jack is replaced by a connector designed to receive an adapter that in turn receives the RJ45 cable (photo below). In his defense it can be said that the Wi-Fi almost everywhere, but where we can not get there, it is important not to forget the Inspiron 6400 adapter. If we saw more convenient, it retains an advantage over the Macbook Air: connect this adapter does not deprive the user of a USB port.

While there is very little noise, this laptop still has a tendency to heat when pushing a little too components. The expulsion of the hot air is carried out by the joint between the screen keyboard. Given the temperature readings, Samsung should just be thinking to swell a little Inspiron 15R Battery power.

Calculations: disappointment

The results of the embedded processor in NP9 - Core i5-2537 m - are much closer to those of low-power processors (CULV) processors that upscale this family.

In practice, however, we can perform all types of activities (photo retouching, 3D modeling, video encoding, Office, Internet browsing). It is simply slower than other ultra-portables like the Asus Bamboo. After passing our Latitude D630 Battery test procedure, the harvest index of 78 honorable score for this type of machine. The 13.3-inch Macbook Air, its direct competitor, won only 50.

HD video playback (720p or 1080p) poses no problem in the chipset NP9. It is the same for playing streaming video.

The presence of an SSD instead of a hard drive, limit the storage capacity (128 GB only), but provides the NP9 good reactivity. It feels example when starting the machine. Indeed, the boot takes only 27 seconds and complete extinction less than 10 seconds.

Games: low capacities

Like the Macbook Pro 13.3 inch, this ultra-portable Inspiron 1545 must be satisfied chipset Intel HD Graphics 3000. It proves able to run recent games like Starcraft 2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with graphic details to a minimum, not a fan's dream game ...

Audio: healthy behavior

Providing sound is pretty good considering the compactness of NP900X3A. If we remain perplexed by the use of SRS effects, the speakers offer a restitution fine, but a little below that offers the MacBook Air.

This test is also an opportunity to present Dell Battery measurements we realize now systematically on laptops. The headphone output, harmonic distortion remains below 0.03% from 400 Hz below it climbs gently up to 0.5%, approaching 20 Hz No loss of accuracy or saturation so audible. No worries on the frequency response, perfectly flat: the sound will not be distorted. Maximum velocity recorded was 88 dB, and the crosstalk is below this threshold: this is correct, you should not find limited use by these values.

Autonomy Honourable

If the performance of VGP-BPS9/B Battery NP9 are better than the MBA of the same size for autonomy is the opposite. Indeed, the 13.3-inch Samsung has withstood 30 minutes less than Apple under the same conditions (video playback, headphones plugged in, screen at 100 cd / m², Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off). The 5:15 autonomy, however, remain more than adequate in view of its performance and small footprint (33 x 23 x 1.6 cm). Indeed, with 1.3 kg on the scales, he knows how to be discreet in a backpack.


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