Creative use of money

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Creative Use of Money

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today's Tuesday! and we are going to talk about - Creative use of money!


Feeling Prosperous. One of the most important things we can do on a daily basis is to feel prosperous. We do this by understanding what we can do for others that will make us feel a little more prosperous. Today, I'm going to go over some ideas that are good going to help you feel more prosperous.

Money is energy. The first thing you need to realize that money is energy. When you give money or spend money you are putting your energy into it. This realization is very important in working to create wealth. Most people, just live their life spending on all types of frivolous things. This type of attitude takes away from the feeling of true prosperity. When you give and don't feel that it's energy, then you don't feel like you're really doing something special. But when you use your money creatively, you are doing something very special. Let's look at a few ways that you can use your money creatively and create that energy that will make you feel more prosperous and bring more prosperity into your life.


Pay for the toll of the person behind you. A cool way to do something really nice and inexpensive is the pay for the toll from the person behind you on the toll road. It's an amazing experience when you pull up to the toll in the person tells you that the person in front of you paid for you. A lot of times this will cause a chain reaction of the person in behind you paying for the next person. This is a type of goodwill that really makes you feel prosperous, and you feel really good about doing something positive. The cool thing about it is it only cost you two dollars or whatever the toll is to really make a difference in somebody else's life. You never know what that can do to somebody's attitude as they are driving through that toll.


Leave a crazy tip. A great prosperity exercises to leave a crazy tip. The size of the tip could be $100 or $200 something that pushes your threshold maybe $1000 if you're manifesting a lot of money. The idea here is to push you a little bit to give something you normally wouldn't give, and to make somebody's night or day. It's a great way to see how those feelings inside of you either are resistant or positive to the tip.


Buy someone a gift. A random purchase of the gift is also a great way to be creative with your money. Doesn't have to be for somebody's birthday, just buy somebody a nice gift and give it to them for that to be thankful.


Buy an inspirational book for a friend. Another cool thing to do, is to buy any inspirational book for a friend. That means something that is just inspired you a really made a difference in your life, just give them an awesome book. Don't push them to read it, or judge them if they don't. Just get them the information be thankful they have it and move forward.


Leave an inspirational book on the plane or the train. You can also just leave a book on the plane or train. This is another a great way to get your message out. I normally carry a copy of Get Out of Neutral with me and I like to leave them in different areas so that somebody can randomly pick it up and can change their life. It is a real creative way to use your money and you're putting positive energy out into the world.


Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger. You can also stop by the store in by $10 worth of lottery tickets a dollar each and hand them out to strangers. Again it is the goodwill that you're sending around. It's amazing to see some these face light up from a dollar lottery ticket when you give it to them and say this is just a gift from a stranger good luck I hope you win.


Put some coins in someone else's parking meter. Another way to be really creative with your money is to put some change in somebody else's parking meter. It's always a nice gesture just to give a little bit, again this doesn't need to be a lot of money. It's just the gesture of helping somebody out. Especially, if you see their meter running low.


As you can see a lot of these things don't involve a lot of money. But the bottom line is that you are feeling more prosperous, and you're giving and putting goodwill out into the world. This goodwill is going to come back to you exponentially in your life.

Please answer these questions. IT IS VERY CRITICAL!


Why is it important to feel prosperous? Do you feel that way? Why or why not?

What does it mean that money is energy? Write down what you spent money on yesterday. Are you happy with the list?

What are two ways you can use your money creatively?

What is a way you can come up with to use your money creatively?


Wanna read more about it: click "The Wealth Mindset"


here's what I think about them!



Why is it important to feel prosperous? Do you feel that way? Why or why not?

I got to understand that as soon as you say to yourself you lack money, you lose the manifestation of prosperity. Just things come and go, and the thing to do is to be positive and think prosperously, i.e. as if you are more prosperous than you used to be yesterday!

I sometimes feel that way, but should practise it more and often, so to create a good mindset for everyday!

I guess our society and the majority of people live in the spending conditioning and are NOT aware of the other side of things. Money is ENERGY. And that's the key. We have to be careful where to apply and invest it.

What does it mean that money is energy? Write down what you spent money on yesterday. Are you happy with the list?

As I told before, money is the convertion of energy which is inside of us. Energy is a way of our external aura, our thinking and our actions.

I spent my money for some food & water. That can mean I need to buy food to keep me healthy and energetic.

All we do is that we give out our energy and the same way we receive it from others. Very deep idea which is great!

What are two ways you can use your money creatively?

Make a spontaneous gift for colleagues, friends or just someone you know. - That's so great!

Give an inspiration book to your friend and don't push them to read. Just be thankful!

What is a way you can come up with to use your money creatively?

I think  I can just put some mobile credit on someone's phone once in while, it can be 200 tenge, 500 tenge, or 1000. it depends on your prosperity level and your thinking.

isn't it great use of money?

the other people will be so glad to get that!...


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