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10 tips for flying with children

The summer season arrives and parents to get their luggage at the airport by taking the children by the hand. Between the rules to follow and crowded planes, families who want to travel by air must be prepared more than ever. These tips will help you survive the plane trip with the kids, with some expert advice.

You do not have children? You could always lend a hand or at least promise not to raise his eyes to heaven, taking place aboard the aircraft.

Book in advance to be sitting side coteConseil Expert: Joe Megibow, vice president and general manager of the site expedia.com, 3 children

Children's programs on TV JetBlue service, procrastinet / Flickr.com

The flights are filling up and find seats next to each other becomes increasingly difficult. "Before the birth of our third child, we traveled to 4 (with a 5 year old child and another 2 years) and we were placed in different places," recalls J.Megibow. "The counter staff told us that the agent would help us boarding, the boarding agent told us that the flight staff would help. The flight staff told us that we should fend for ourselves. "

"If you need to ask passengers to exchange your seats, do your best to be convincing in explaining the situation. The other passengers are not forced to trade places and may have their reasons for wanting a particular seat. Stay calm and try it anyway, but still lovable. "

After negotiations with other passengers, J.Megibow managed to gather his family.

Locate yourself in the airport before you go Changi Airport in Singapore, the dinosaurs in the garden of a terminal

It is sometimes difficult to navigate in an airport. You arrive in a terminal but your match may be in another terminal. And we all know that with children, everything takes longer.

Do some research and find yourself on the map of the airport well in advance. So you can familiarize yourself with what is most important to you, such as gates, the departures area or nearest bathroom from restaurants. Tampa to Chicago via Singapore and Munich airports are home to some playgrounds for children.

Use technology to better get away. Download an application that sends alerts to your mobile phone in case there is a last minute change to the doors, hours or planes. And be sure to check the websites of the airports or airlines regarding the specific regulations for children.

Be organized and get ready to inattenduConseil expert: Corinne McDermott, founder and editor of HaveBabyWillTravel.com (www.havebabywilltravel.com), 2 children 6 and 3 years

All parents know that you travel with children is like a mission impossible.

"Arrive on time or in advance is the key to not feeling like running. You will not be sweating every minute that passes, if a queue greater than usual security checks or if you have a layer problem that occurs at the wrong time. What helped us, it is easy to carry luggage with pockets and storage spaces for organizing things well but not too much, so we can find everything. "

If two adults traveling with children, share tasks "When we travel as a family, one of us is responsible for our business and the other is responsible for children. This helps us keep an eye on everyone and everything that happens during toilet breaks or food. "

Hands free

Stroller on a United Airlines flight - Flickr

When traveling with young children, the amount of stuff you need is really maddening. Difficult to supervise children and to be burdened with all these bottles, wipes, and these clothes, snacks, toys etc..

If your child is young enough to use a baby carrier, so forget the stroller is so much easier than worrying when folding the stroller through the gate security and boarding and is especially true if you are traveling alone (e).

Remember that infants can not be in baby carriers takeoff and landing and that you must put them on your lap or in their seats.

Take a seat for the baby avionConseil Expert: Lisa Gurry, senior marketing director at Bing / MSN (www.bing.com) 3 children

Below the age of 5, children have trouble keeping up during a flight. While most airlines allow children under the age of 2 years to sit on parent's lap at no additional cost, it is advisable to use an approved car seat for children weighing not more than 20 kg.

"It is sometimes difficult with the younger and more restless, but many companies now require the seat and walk down the aisles is not permitted. You know your children so you can make the best decisions. I bought a seat for the younger once they become difficult to manage or too big to stay on your knees. To my daughters, calmer, I did at the age of two years. For my son, very active and not taking up, we bought a seat at the age of one and a half. We carried this seat that offered more comfort.

Prevent children and avoid rivalry

Children playing during a flight, keaggy.com - Flickr.com

It's not easy to fly but if you have to endure the rivalry between brothers and sisters, your trip can turn into a nightmare. Children often fight to be seated near the window.

Nobody wants to see a sibling to make war on the row number 24 ... Talk to your children the rules of behavior on an airplane. Think possibly reward the efforts during or after the trip.

About the fight to be near the window, the best way to avoid war is the draw then the exchange. The winner will have a place to go and the other child back.

Occupy your children in avionConseil Expert: Amy Foley, flight attendant at Southwest Airlines, one child

Children who are bored may become difficult and does not sit still. You can rely on electronics, the new toy, the coloring book, candy: do you need for your child to have something to do on the plane.

Most people agree that the more you plan to "tricks" and better. Whether an iPad, iPod, laptop Pavilion DV6 Battery

or portable DVD player, there are many devices, for filling with movies and games. "Most companies require the use of helmets. Besides gadgets, I always have a package of crayons, a coloring book and a small spiral notebook in my backpack for my son. "

"If you must leave your seat with your child, wait until the signal goes off (belt)" A.Foley said. "Also, if you can wait until the service is completed, it is particularly useful for the crew. It is difficult to maneuver in aisles with little frolicking. "

Note the time shift

Family nap on a plane, joshzam - Flickr.com

Expert advice: Abigail Galindo, a flight attendant at JetBlue (www.jetblue.com) 3 children

Change time zone, it wears you out. And nobody wants to start his vacation with little cranky or moody teenagers.

"Follow the light. Sleep when it's dark, wake up when it's light, "says A.Galindo. "The children adapt more quickly than adults. When traveling east, try keeping your child awake and at bedtime closer to local time. Do not they fall asleep too early and wake up too early. By traveling to the West, your child may have difficulty falling asleep the first night. Try to occupy but to wake up the local time the next day and regardless of the time that he fell asleep. "

Leave your car rental company you aiderQuand you step off the plane after a long flight with children, the last thing you need is a problem at the rental counter car. Fortunately, most companies have enough to meet the needs of families.

If you were to take your seat baby, remember that renters offer hire child seats with car rentals. There are additional costs but they remain low and you do not need to travel is too loaded, which can make a big difference on a long day of travel.

Sixt car rental offers baby seats and child seats and other services such as rental of GPS.

Do not forget the snacks for the flight retourC'est easy to have snacks at home to take on the plane but find something to enjoy for the return trip can become a real challenge.

You will easily find fruit in some hotels and restaurants. Do not forget to take before you head out to the airport. Many hotels also provide small bottles of water. If a hotel can make things easier for a family who is about to fly, take advantage of it. In certain channels as in the Marriott, there are fruit at the reception, which customers can take for their journey.

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