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Hi 5, gooooood  morning to everyone! My name is Nurlan and I write(copy&paste) this blog every day to spread the message out there that life is great, live the life! Today, we will read about...

Hi 5,

gooooood  morning to everyone!

My name is Nurlan and I write(copy&paste) this blog every day to spread the message out there that life is great, live the life!

Today, we will read about Imagination... what it really is and have a deeper understanding of its potential.

So let's read for 5 minutes and learn!

Imagination is creation. All wonderful things start in the mind. That means imagination is creation. In order to create true wealth and have amazing ideas, you need to work on building a great imagination. They can come in the form of looking at something and seeing what it can become, maybe it is writing a story or coming up with a new business idea. Imagination is the start of creation.

This week we are to be spending a lot of time on creative ideas, imagination, and inner wisdom. This is going to help you have the imagination to move forward and create the life of your dreams.

Don't get too serious, allow it to flow. People in general, have an issue with growing up. They want to take everything so serious and move past their childhood. But this youthful energy, this useful curiosity is very good and helping us come up with ideas. We have to be serious in life, but we also have to have that jovial side of us that allows us to reach that childlike creativity and imagination. If you look at the great Albert Einstein you can see he was always on a bike, he was having fun and he really had a childlike existence. We need to model that behavior and be serious when we need to be, but not all the time.

Imagination comes from great energy. It comes from those times when you're in the flow and you're just feeling great. Normally those times come when you are doing what you love and you're having fun and being playful. Let's focus on this week adding more of those moments into our lives. Growing up is overrated. Have fun put some great energy out there and understand when you need to be serious and when you can be childlike and really focus on being childlike a lot more and putting that great energy and imagination out there.

Take a nap. If you're looking to get some more energy and imagination, sometimes you have to take a nap. Salvador Dali the great artist would sit in a chair and put a key in his hand and fall asleep. When he fell asleep the key would drop which would wake him up and he literally would take ideas from that dream that he was having and put it on campus. When you are needing a little more energy and imagination sometimes the best thing to do is to take a nap.

I think it's important that we create that and work environments and somebody needs a 10 minute or 20 minute nap that they are allowed to do so. It's amazing how that can re-energize you and refresh you and get you ready to take on the rest of the day. It also can stimulate the creative energy by just getting a little bit arrest. The body needs rest especially when you're working on imagination and creativity.

Keep your environment fun and creative. II think one of most overlooked areas and an imagination is your environment that you work him. Very important you keep the environment creative and fun. Spreading toys around, having good energy and the environment will help call today that creative imagination and allow you to work in a more pleasant environment. There's nothing worse for imagination than being stuck in a cubicle among 200 cubicles. Focus on creating a better environment for your imagination and creativity today. Put some toys around, make it bright and cheery, the environment can be an aid to your creativity and imagination.

Use green light thinking. When you are a creativity mode and imagination mode make sure you use green light thinking only. Many people would like to tell you that your ideas are no good. They like to use red light thinking which means they stop you from being creative and using your imagination. When you're in this flow you don't want to stop the imagination creativity there are no wrong answers.

Just think of the guy that came in and talked about turtles that were mutants and ninjas was told no. We would not have teenage mutant ninja turtles. At the beginning of that you would think that was a horrible idea but it turned out to be billion-dollar idea. Focus on green light thinking when you're in the imagination and creative process.

Play music. Music is such an important part of my life. It is help me become more imaginative and creative in so many areas. I love to put on some classical music when I am working on something that is very creative. It just really puts the tone where it needs to be and my mind just works so well with it. If you need to be creative and use your imagination play some classical music even in the background and really allow that intellectual stimulus come through to push your imagination for.

Make a mess. When it comes to imagination and creativity you need to lose the OCD that means you need to allow things to become messy. Just get into it lay your stuff out, put stuff everywhere. This is like being back in kindergarten again. Creativity and imagination come from this area of chaos sometimes. Allow that has to come through and don't allow your OCD to stop it from coming through. Make a few messes you can always clean up later.


I hope you liked it.

Now we need to ask questions? Whom? us!

It is critical that we ask ourselves questions? let's try


Why is imagination so important in life? What can you do that is going to help you foster more creativity and imagination in your life?

Imagination expands our mind and helps us be more positive. Only in our mind. we can go beyond our real world and create things that are wonderful. We live by emotions, therefore imagination brings more positive emotions which in turn result in better thinking and better decision making! It is important.

I think once in a while you have to allow yourself some time to get into thinking of the things that you would like to have. This can be things you want to be invented or things that would make you feel great, or just simplify your life or the work that you do.

So I suggest, have 30-60 minutes a week to start learning how to be creative. Use your mind. Ignite your imAGINAtion!

How did Salvador Dali find a way to get more creative? What can you take from this?

He used the power of mind and the power of universe while dreaming. We never know what lies in the deepest places of our minds. I think we need to learn to listen to our inner thoughts, feelings and somehow bring this into our physical world. This might work, let's try once in a while.

Why is it important to always use greenlight thinking during the imagination process?

I got to understand that whenever you will share your ideas, people will try to stop you or try to ask negative questions. It's your idea and you should defend it by not telling it everyone you meet. Gather like-minded people who would share your passion and appraise your idea the way you see. Taking it as greenlight would help to imagine this whenever you have ideas!

What type of art have you always dreamed of doing? Why haven't you taken it on? Take some time this week to find your inner artist.

I always dreamed of being able to draw well or at least have some abilities. Maybe I haven't spent more time on this because I thought I would never be good at it. That's what stopped me at school and at university.

I should really think of finding a place where I can practise it, let it be, 1 hour a weeek/a month. but I should start.

And I am sure when I have results, it will give me more confindence in myself that things are possible until you believe in it.

Yes, I want to be a artist, let it be a bad one, but artist...

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