Inner Demons

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Good morning,   How are you? I am Nurlan, a member of That's the personal evolution system. Today, we are going to read about inner demos we all have. Learn and act! Enjoy! Those...

Good morning,


How are you?

I am Nurlan, a member of

That's the personal evolution system.

Today, we are going to read about inner demons we all have. Learn and act!


Those pesky inner demons? Inner demons are those voices, those feelings and emotions that bring darkness into your life. We are have inner demons, that's taking part in manifesting things into our life. Understanding and creating awareness is one of the most important aspects here at The key is to understand your strengths and your weaknesses which would be your inner demons, so that we can work on using them for our own good. Today, I'm going to give you a few tips and ideas on how to manage your inner demons, and even use them to help you pursue your dreams.


Know yourself and be clear. The first step in dealing with inner demons is in knowing what inner demons you have. The person who does not have that awareness of the inner demons and the things that they cause is the one most likely to succumb to them. This inner battle of then, is one of awareness and consciousness. You must elevate your consciousness to to be clear about who it is you are becoming, and also that weakness or inner demons that is holding you back. The more that you know yourself, and your weaknesses the more you can control things so that the inner demon doesn't come out and caused issues as you manifest the life you're looking to manifest. This can take psychological time to get to know yourself, but that is one of the most important things that we're doing here at

Be honest with yourself. You must be honest with yourself. If your inner demon is one of the spending then you know that you are a spender and you can start to work on that inner demon. If you are a social drinker that drinks too much did you know that inner demon of drinking is not serving you and you need to work on it. There are many shapes and sizes of inner demons, and that is why we always talk about that does battled this is life manifestation is done from the inner self and not the outer world.


Don't beat yourself up, just be aware of the inner demons that you half. Be honest about them so that we can move forward and put them in their place. This awareness, this honesty is what's going to create freedom and help you progress forward.


Work on your self talk. It is critical in this phase of development, that you work on your self talk. You must raise your awareness to what you are saying to yourself. This inner conversation needs to shift to being more positive. When my favorite tools is the rubber band. If you find yourself with an inner demons that is constantly being negative, then put on a rubber band and snap it any time you hear that inner dialogue. This will like to be more positive, and proactive in your self talk.


Words are spells, remember that you're putting a spell on yourself every day. Today, make the change and turn the spells into positive conversations instead of a negative conversations. The spells can work either way, they can help you or they can take you further away from your dreams. Today let's make those spells help you.


Do not feed the inner demon. Work on creating positive new habits they keep the inner demon at bay. Don't feed them energy by doing the behavior or activity that the inner demon wants you to do. If you are social drinker that drinks too much, then manage that and don't give the inner demon power by putting yourself in situations that it is going to be a take over.


In order to establish new habits and behaviors, you need to take some courses, you need to get some education, or you just may need to get some professional help. Don't feed the inner demon by doing the activity that it is suggesting that you do.


Focus on love. Take a little time today to focus on love to focus on light. When you bring your focus in those areas all of a sudden the inner demons dissipate. They are afraid of your light, they are afraid of your brightness they pray on your weakness. The stronger you get the more power that you have and shining that light. Your greatness is truly what will defeat inner demons, and that light you shine will help others. This is the foundation of love, focus on love, focus on strength and your light will shine. When your light shines it is filled with love. Love yourself and other unconditionally and just be. This will lead to victory.

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