Persistance in Business

MorningCoach_KZ July 31, 2012

Hi there,   This is Nurlan, a member of   I would like to share a topic on Persistence in Business! Enjoy reading! Persistence is critical. One of the most important qualities you...

Hi there,


This is Nurlan, a member of


I would like to share a topic on Persistence in Business!

Enjoy reading!

Persistence is critical. One of the most important qualities you can have is the ability to persist—the ability to keep moving forward in critical times and to not give up. You need to focus internally to have the strength to keep going. I have coached many people who gave up before they even started. I have seen many podcasts, blogs and Web sites out there that did not have instant success, so their creators gave up. Even if you have one person listening, you must not give up. Give you best always, and keep moving forward. Most things are going to take time for you to grow into. There will be times when you may have to get out, but 99 percent of the time, people get out too soon.


Know when to hold them and when to fold them. Life is an amazing thing. It truly is. I hate to call it a test, but it sure seems like that. Many people have stacked hands, amazing cards to play with, but when it comes time to play, they fold. Why do they fold? It could be a lack of faith or belief, self-sabotage or many other reasons. The key here is to understand that more then likely, you are folding too soon. One of the secrets of business success is knowing where to put your effort and knowing when to make changes. This involves understanding your intuition, as opposed to fear. In order to grow, you have to take risks, and you have to take on challenges. That is what is going to move you to the next level. For today's lesson, I am going to tell you to hold out for most things. If you have belief in something and think it will work, persist with it, unless your gut (not your fear) is screaming that it is time for a change.


It takes an average of seven exposures to make a sale. That means you have to contact a person seven times before he or she will buy from you. Most people will give up or fold by the second time. This is what I mean when I say that most people fold too soon. Don't give up until you have attempted whatever you are doing at least seven times. It may take even more then that, but that is what being a pro is about.


Be a pro, not annoying. Take athletes, for example. It takes a lot of practice, talent  and ability to be a pro. The same thing goes for business and life. I find it amazing how many people want to be pros but don't want to practice. How long would Michael Jordan have stayed in the NBA if he had not practiced? Would he have been the champion that he was?


You have to get into your field and become a pro. That is how you can discuss things with a prospective client more than seven times. If you are not a pro, you will become annoying and never make a sale. Learn your business, and focus on becoming a pro at what you do. That is what will help you move forward.


Every no brings you closer to a yes. I used to literally thank people for their nos. The reason is that every one of them brought me closer to a yes. I used to eat rejection for lunch, but I loved it. Understand that business is business, and do not take it personally. Keep moving forward, and welcome the negatives. Don't focus on the nos; focus on the yeses, and keep rocking.


Practice visualization. It is important to see yourself becoming a successful person. This will help you persist and get things done. Spend some time every day visualizing your business and life the way you want them to be. Then go out there and keep building. Stay present, and focus on small improvements every day. Just focus on that one percent today, and you will move toward your dreams.


Connect with a higher purpose. Keep your mission in front of you. Remember the alignment principle of mission, values and goals? If you focus on the higher purpose, you will persist, and you will not give up. Find that, and connect with it, and get others around you to buy in.


Go with the flow. The roller coaster of life is going to happen. Just go with it. Focus on improving and on doing the best you can, and things will work for you. Don't let your lows be too low, and ride those highs. Keep momentum going, and enjoy life. That is the key: Life is meant to be lived, not to be stuck in your own mind or in some room. Keep moving forward.

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