Next movie it's Rambo: First Blood

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Rambo: First Blood  ohoho it's great movie! Not just my child movie. Story about strong man, who don't what mean a cry, tiredness, weakness. He is solder, trained to kill enemy. After long time...

Rambo: First Blood 

Ohoho This is great movie! Not because the movie from my childhood. It's movie about story of strong man, who don't know what is meaning a cry, a tiredness, a weakness. Man was been in Vietnam. He name is Rambo, John Rambo.

He is a solder, trained to kill enemy. After long time spent at war, he came back to the country where nobody is't wait him.

I don't remember nothing about this movie. Very nice to see, young, nice and strong Sylvester Stallone. I tryed to watch this movie without a prenotion.

Simple start of movie, where John Rambo is wandering in search of old war buddy. But he is knowing that his buddy died out of cancer in last summer. And Rambo is coming back to city. But on his way he met a local sheriff. 

After the dialog with a sheriff, Rambo knows that in little town civils dont likes man's like him, meaning people had been on the war in Vietnam. Sheriff took Rambo and drive to the North. And leave him outside a town, on a road. And when Rambo attempts to came back in the town, he's arrested him...

But time spending in the police station is not long :) Rambo remembers how to be a real solder. And breaks out  the police, and hides to the forest near a town. Here is starts all interesting...

I wanted to retell some things, but i already want to sleep and finished a downloading of the second, third parts of this great movie! Just, enjoy! Interesting review, who wants it's here.

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