Iran mid 70s

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"It had become evident in the mid-1970s that Iran simply could not absorb the vast increase in oil revernues that was flooding into the country. The petrodollars, megalomaniacally misspent on extravagant modernization programs or lost to waste and corruption, were generating economic chaos and social and political tension throughtout the nation. The rural populace was pouring from the villages into the already-overcrowded towns and cities; agricultural output was declining, while food imports were going up. Inflation had seized control of the country, breeeding all the inevitable discontents. A middle manager or a civil servant in Tehran spent up to 70 percent of his salary on rent. Iran's infrastructure could not cope with the pressure suddenly thrust upon it; the backward railway system was overwhelmed; Tehran's streets were jammed with traffic. ..."

Daniel Yergin "The Prize", 1992. p. 674

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