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go back and forth with enemy.Zhu Xue Fan's three brigades, cheaprunescapemoney a part withdraw rent boundary, runescapeaccountselling become an underground work afterwards, buyrunescape one part was made a cypress by the 兪 to lead to back Anhui to only wear at third hand Li department the fourth brigade for reorganizing, buyrsaccount suffer the most tragically heroic and horrifying, buyingrunescapeaccount they that brigade withdraw to guard initial stage in Shanghai and receive to make is stood into Hebei buy runescape gold shore in Suzhou by the Hu west and capture battlefield important point and defend with a last-ditch attempt don't back, goldrs cover the army turns into to Henan shore in Suzhou.They go deep into enemy soldier interior region, runescapecash isolated don't aid, runescapeacc although once dint Zu enemy soldier before strong Du, buyrsmoney shoot~deaed an enemy soldier innumerable, runescapecheapgold but they after the task reached, cheapestrunescapegold the youth of more than 2, cheaprunescapeitems000 braveries, unexpectedly and all sacrificed in a heroic way into Ren.The fifth brigade then is similar to 2, 3 brigades, break up whole into parts, turn into an underground, from now on continuous of and enemy soldier war 鬪 .The Japan's Imperial Army deploy tight dragnet 11 beginning of the month some evening, everyone once uses dinner, the Nie road curio of the Du month dulcimer China space inside, leaves Du dulcimer and six private of the cities, Zhu Xue Fan and Xu 釆 Cheng four people for month.The atmosphere is solemn and peaceful, the facial expression is dignified, may be the portrayal of scene at that time.The 4 people airtight company is opened mouth first by the Du month dulcimer, he puts forward of does runescape guides the proposal actually walk or not?How to walk?Six privates in the city compete first spoke:"The problem said by Sir, I think to in fact only have a , is that how to walk?""certainly, " Zhu Xue Fan immediately rises but attaches with:"The Sir lifted how to walk and actually can't considered to walk, either not to walk.""speak of how to walk, I have 3:00 opinion, " six private's morrows in the city say:"The first, don't walk can not, the second and everyone chases a wallet first ready to, put at at hand, in order to walk at any time. the third, want to wait until the most steady and beneficial opportune moment, so as to leave." Xu 釆 Cheng always heel Japan the person make contact with and do business, he and Japanese financial magnate three wells, Mitsubishis all have a relation.Japan halts Hu secret service long Chuan this your work, with he very familiar, therefore he can very accurate supply day square intelligence report, he said at that time:"Th e Chuan originally invites me to turn to tell two runescape gold buyaffairs of Mr. Du today, the first, Japan person after capturing Gao Qiao, the head is a matter, would be to send a group of military policeses, protect ancestral temple in the Du house, forbid person with no duty at's lefting for to harass." Du month dulcimer but a sneer at of say:"In my eyes, this is their to guide to capture it to account, they think for month the Du dulcimer want to be miscellaneous to open Shanghai, will definitely do obeisance ancestral temple, the fiesta tells ancestor, opportunity to take advantage of this, at the right moment catch me a prison." Xu 釆 Cheng dismisses with a smile, again way:"The second matter, the vestige is near to threaten, say according to Japan: follow once the river take, Japanese soldier already sets out large force, tight keep Mr. Du from waiting a departure, 16 spreads and all of Yang Shu Pu's both sideses are big brigades day the soldier guard, I see his meaning say, if Du first and first from rent boundary wharf to go aboard, necessity of time, they don't hesitate to intrude into to

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