Each of us wears masks, and, unfortunately, there is no way to help it. Some of us have a daily facade we all wear in front of everyone that we remove when the day is over. Others have a thousand faces and are masters of concealment - you may never guess what they are thinking. If you take a quick, but an attentive glance around you, you may discover that hypocrites are everywhere. Why? Because it is inexorable. If there were no hypocrites, the world would certainly be a better, albeit empty, place. You see, there are people who dislike the bitterness of truth, especially when shoved in their faces. So, even if each of us were sincere at all times, people would hate and eventually start killing each other. As you may see, it behooves us all to wear our masks in order not to hurt people's feelings and stay alive ourselves. However, do not underestimate the power of a mask. It might be a mere imaginary disguise, but if you wear it for too long, you might forget what was beneath it.

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