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n of Ji Duo, is all feeling to include only clock, together manage how to let the weapon gets down from the Ji head and control is also proficient.Sees him to copy greenrs money Long Ji Yi of gold...

n of Ji Duo, is all feeling to include only clock, together manage how to let the weapon gets down from the Ji head and control is also proficient.Sees him to copy green
rs money Long Ji Yi of gold to tremble, two handle meteor hammer's performing magic sort is slippery to drop down from the Ji head.Follow to quickly order two Jis, exact center the hammer head of two handle meteor hammers, comply with the surrounding to take it, one front an after, hit backward noodles to tailgate since then Asian flying eagle.Elder brother, and then have three people, the just super this place hurtles to come over.However from their body, don't feel hostility, may pass by very much.Leave at the leaf with the quickest action, complete a series of action of time, the small fox again says.But Asian flying eagle of another part, see the meteor hammer that two handles originally not easily and easily pleased, be left by the leaf to perform magic a similar earthquake to fall not to say, also play billiards to anti- picked back, can not help secretly admiring in the heart.Have been thinking oneself's this period of time of progress is quick, having never thought the sunset progress speed of this rains and winds is also terror.See to today want successful, not easy.The in the mind cuts and polishes the leaf leaves of real strenght, don't influence his activity.Sees Asian flying eagle
rs gold two hand pence, two eagle claws with general cleek, hold tight the hammer head of two meteor hammers respectively.According to reason these two handle meteor there is all point sting on the hammer, additional while plusing a leaf and leaving and adjusting back of inside dint, unless really eagle claw achievement do can avoid the situation of the knife soldier, otherwise like this and hastily stretch hand and grasp, not drive firm of flesh and blood faintness can not.The leaf leaves a horse to run forward, but eyes have been staring at a behind, he clearly saw the process of Asian flying eagle claw hammer.He is to use eagle claw achievement, button up a point of meteor hammer with the finger sting outside of
runescape guides blank part, double prison in the hammer prison grasp in hand, precise skill, really make the leaf leave in different light.However the leaf leaves this for a while,also not and all has no result.Although Asian flying eagle grasps iron ball in hand, on the hammer that just fierce strength but be not so easily dissolved.Isn't only ex- blunt the power be shaken stop bottom, last body still tiny in a flash, just dissolve these two strength of fearfulnesses.But at this time, leaf's leaving has already drawn back distance with them.Is more and more noisy here.The leaf leaves to inwardly dispute in the heart, if the affair always keeps on procrastinating like this, don't have some advantage to oneself.And this Asian flying eagle brings of four people, each real strenght isn't weak, although still have a not small margin with oneself,lay siege to at 5 people under, think that the momentary half will solve and fight is basic to is impossible.Kill them don't have some advantage to they, if in case of carelessly hanged, can lose more than gain.Chapter 269 three Xia swords thought of here, the leaf leaves a pair of feet to tightly clip Ma Fu, and vegetable snow silver Long Ju Xiao's white knows intention that leaf leaves and works harder a disease to rush forward more.The original leaf leaves from beat forward on hurtling, although have already exchanged blows several rounds, but fight the speed that Ma Qian hurtles hasn't been weakening, so Asian flying eagle that hurtles before stepping up, be

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