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e fundamental, the other party is four people to use this kind of thing, totally eight, the Rao isn't leaf to leave self-confidence, the slightest do dare as well the gist.Don't dare to stand as well...

e fundamental, the other party is four people to use this kind of thing, totally eight, the Rao isn't leaf to leave self-confidence, the slightest do dare as well the gist.Don't dare to stand as well here, indulge them to lay siege to.The double feet were one Ke Deng, fought a horse to wear fiercely and forward, not only averted from the attack of Asian flying eagle.Shunt 4 people lay siege to of time is bad,
runescape money for sale at the same time copy green Long Ji of gold backward on turning, quickly write two words:Die!Put out!Two words float suddenly and uncertain, all every moment is distorting variety ground, compete first offend to be apart from his recent two people.The leaf leaves in addition to at the beginning and lately learning a god of fire Ji method, after once exchanging blows with small bird once, this still keeps using to begin with player for the very first time.In
runescape gold for sale fact even if is now, his god of fire Ji the method also just just integrated.Be apart from the crest state of deluxe fighting skill to appear lost in thought to go into to turn, there is also a very far away distance.But the Rao is such, his one this hand, also let be attackstoned of two public inside a surprised.Is fierce to feel that the leaf leaves to flick to own of the word, seem a terrible death-warrant.But they cooperate tacit understanding with Asian flying eagle, fighting experience the nature is very abundant.Know to shrink back this time, before of the whole decorations all all previous work undone, the leaf leaves once escaping from their to surround, again think that catching up to ride absolute being Jun to sit to ride a ground of rains and winds is sunset, almost can be used to want.Hence a right hand meteor hammer from right go to the left side, a left hand meteor hammer from left go to right, connect then hit to leave a ground of Ji pole to the leaf at the same time.The leaf leaves to sneer at in the heart, dead!Put out!Once two word scopes accept and keep taking 2 people before the chest several vital parts.And two black dress persons are also equally
runescape guides self-confident and hundred percent of once the hand tremble, the meteor hammer explores a half Chinese foot fiercely and forward, the meteor hammer subway chain is beating the Ji pole that leaves at the leaf on.Hua a , two meteor hammers, from the or so both sides, the leaf leave of copy green Long Ji of gold to tie up.2 people are own satisfied means, Asian flying eagle that fell to the ground just from the sky, but is a surprised, the favour shouted loudly 1:Don't use to tie up word Jue to round his Ji!The waist gets down one Fu at the same time, double the feet are a fierce, body suddenly and then to, the dynasty leaf leaves to after death and tightly make track for to come over.But his words export of time, three weapons have already together wrung, do 2 people want to accept a hand to return that in time?Sees the leaf leave two the feet are one Ke Deng, vegetable snow silver Long Ju Si blares a , foot suddenly wrestle, forward urgently blunt.And the leaf leave a person to lend horsepower and plus oneself is also an outstanding strength superior, forward on pulling, two black dress persons ten thousand ten thousand has never thought the strength that the leaf leaves unexpectedly thus of big, don't defend under two sell at the same time the meteor hammer, be left Duo by the leaf pass by.If changed other people, hanged a meteor hammer on the Ji, suddenly the weight aggravates, and hammer head hammer pole also uncertain to bum, affirmation will order not to spoil.But the leaf leave always to have person's weapo

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