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tands on the hall and just discovers now, buyrsmoney the whole sanctuary Hun however natural, runescapecheapgold most of high big matchless, it is that the Titan giant in the apotheosis is general to...

tands on the hall and just discovers now, buyrsmoney the whole sanctuary Hun however natural, runescapecheapgold most of high big matchless, it is that the Titan giant in the apotheosis is general to imitate a Buddha to construct.Imitated a Buddha to lead for a century for
buy runescape gold very short several minutes, goldforrs my minds all sink to immerse in this kind of world in addition to opening, cheaprsmoney from the felling that didn't have, runescapecoins world's a sweet voice rang out to receive to create a life time absolute being aim from the heart bottom and came to the soul of warrior from the faraway place Zhao, cheaprunescapeitems the absolute being only gives the energy that the Ru soul coagulates now.Along with the voice, runescapepureaccounts one pillar white only from the sanctuary hall the midmost huge idol eyes shot into I, runescapeequipment
buy runescape money runescapeequipment instinct of stretch hand a to block, this just discover, runescapeaccounttrading in the moment appear a body image, rs2bots flank an item data starts presenting:Strength:18;Evaluate:Is excellent;Physical endowment:20;Evaluate:Is top-class;Is nimble:20;Evaluate:Is top-class;Work properly dint:20;Evaluate:Is top-class;The feeling knows:20;Evaluate:Is top-class;Magic power:18;Evaluate:The jade tree faces breeze;Is lucky:???;The surplus attribute orders:5.I saw along while not and know exactly how to operate, however saw evaluate our jade tree to face breeze still very happy, ha ha ha.Don't understand, the title prepares to ask a person.One title sees a head at at present, conditioned reflex of retreat one step, on seeing, just discover to is an angel, boon?I am a burst of to become speechless, just nobody, ?Is just orotund host, boon, not only the voice is good to listen, person also grow really BE...I see of already brains blank, feels that in the whole world leaves this beauty.Feed, your saliva stayed, the beauty said, saliva?, I just respond to come over, hurriedly wipe wipe, this just discover, have saliva there, root be play
runescape me.Beauty, you isn't NPC?Asking of my doubt way.I?I am one of the creator of this world, also the main system of this game, I Be also in the world first the set artificial Zhi brain.How, severe?You can call me as mother or female Wa., Is a main system!I ain't at the right moment understand, can ask female Wa(mother even if, estimate use for foreigner of), can explain the evaluation of these attributes?Okay, strength, main influence the individual take heavy, physics attack the dint and physics defendoof dint;The physical endowment mainly influences personal amount of blood, life and wound disease instauration speed, bear dint, to the disease, the resistibility of toxin etc.;Is nimble, mainly influence personal ambulation speed, respond speed(attack speed, avoid being seen etc.), the space blocks success rate, suddenly and violently shot rate;Work properly dint, mainly influence personal energy(is blue) value upper limit, the magic trick attackstones dint and defense dint, the energy absorbs speed, and the energy resumes speed;The feeling knows that in the clout a rate, dangerous sensitivity, the technical ability uses effect and for example fishes for Shu and authenticates Shu etc. separately.Being five is above of evaluation grade BE:5 and is as follows small and weak, 6-10 is ordinary, 11-15 is good, 16-19 is excellent, 20 is top-class.Magic power, according to body whole pleasant impression since then, is later this residents from soil Zhao in world is also NPC and monster to your attitude of, magic power more Gao more and easily acquire NPC good will, can make you more easily get their helps like this, but, same of, you more easily arouse monster to your attention and is called an old grudge value with your game words, howev

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