Spring Helps To See The Beauty

D Sat 2011 M04 1

This spring is so early and came on high time. It came tenderly but brightly smiling all 32 teeth. I thought spring is the most shy and modest season of the year - may be it was but present is not...

This spring is so early and came on high time. It came tenderly but brightly smiling all 32 teeth. I thought spring is the most shy and modest season of the year - may be it was but present is not the appropriate time for being shy.

Today the  sun is shining warmly and teasing with its joyful sunbeams. It is almost insanely difficult to sit at the office and not to skip outside and have a walk. Beautiful walk can be of several types.

Probably holding hands with someone and walking along the prospect is the most preferable sort. Preferably with a guy, who reflects your smile and looks with almost heartbreaking painful tenderness  into your eyes so that you can't help smiling back. You just keep your hair lose letting weak wind play with it. The power of love and romance that runs from heart to veins and reflects in brown eyes is magical. Seems that everyone notices only you two and  watches you with jaws dropped for longer time. Seeing the beautiful picture of the couple on the plastic walls of left buildings it is hard to recognize yourself or recognize the man you've been knowing now for a certain period of time. You've never been as beautiful as you are now. What could you be talking about? It is not that important, you understand each other without any words, so words do not play any role right now.  Nothing that can happen in future matters, matters that you are singing the music of each others hearts ahora mismo. World looks at you and smiles, sun is immensely happy trying not to let you two freeze and that's why working in full swing. But it guesses that love anyway warms everybody. Trees seem nourish for new life from you. May be you two will be reason for many people to decide in the evening to throw away heavy gray coats and try to fall in love in spring with someone or the whole world. It is so perfect but it can be spoiled if it flows into passion. Strong feelings destroy many things, no, this time it is not passion or anything like that, just steady and light attraction. We do not even pity that stars and moon will not witness your love. Each of you will be sleeping soundly on your beds alone but with a happy smile at night.

Don't be desperate if cupid didn't manage to find you and your beloved at the same time and place and his arrows are not aiming at you at the time.  Hope never dies, besides, being on your own will never do your harm. As you remember in one of my entries I said "do not phrase your state in scary words "I am alone", paraphrase it "I am on my own"". Take your time and have the walk on your own. Mp3 player that will sing you your favorite songs, sunglasses that you are proud of your look while you have them on. Remember to wear something warm, because you never know may be you will stick outside till the evening. Bright scarf, curled and loosened hair, jeans and shoes - outfit that will not constrain your movements. Don't forget to take you camera with you and some bread-and-butter, there is no need to waste time on canteens. We will never forgive you if you don't take picture of the day, because it is impossible not to see beauty of the city worth taking photos of on such a beautiful day! As for the music I'd advise to have some slow music, there is no need to rush under the pressure of fast pop or rock or distract from thinking with hip-hop. Someone will notice you, and it can be the rise of your love, career as a face of local fashion journal or your role as the muse of a poet, artist or writer. May be you come up with idea and bravery of starting something new?! ;)

If this walk doesn't sound so romantic and promising because you are fed up with skyscraper jungles try hiking or camping with a good friend with enormous sense of humor. No one hopefully died of laughter and good joke. Friends are the best people that can ever surround you. When you are tired of each other some time can be devoted to poetry, either you produce it or perceive. Write an incredible song about what you are longing for just like The Band Perry, who says "loving you is like throwing a lasso around a tornado", can you beat them?

Spring always helps to see the beauty...


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